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Digital Panel Projects

I have recently been involved in a number of projects where I have worked with children in schools to create artwork, on a chosen theme, that I collate together on photoshop to make exterior and interior digital panels, banners and wallpaper for schools, I have teamed up with a company called Sign and Display in Chorlton, who print the panels to photographic quality on aluminium with a laminate finish that is durable and perfect for safety regulations, can be attached flush to the wall, they are extremely efficient, the quality and turn around time for printing is excellent, because the work is put together directly from children’s drawings, they still have all the charm and liveliness that comes naturally to kids, while being of a professional finish needed for public spaces. The wallpaper is also stunning because it allows a large area or feature panel, creating bespoke wall art, that wouldn’t interfere with the day to day running of the schools, hospital or centres. I think the work is perfect in a hospital, school or community setting, ¬†because I am sure it wouldn’t fail to brighten up anyone’s day and because they are so rich in detail would add interest during ¬†waiting times at any reception area.