Lament to the EU REMAIN V BREXIT vote 23rd June 2016

Lament to the EU REMAIN V BREXIT vote 23rd June 2016

It’s 10 am I’ve just been to the polling station and cast my vote to remain, for what it’s worth.

Divide and rule it’s the Tory scum school arguing immigrant, migrant, builders, plumbers, firefighter, police and yes sex workers too, are ruining a country built by the Irish, reigned over by Germans and governed by migrant descendant fools.

Newspaper readers being sheeple told what to believe, what to think and do while the powerful and elite locked behind security doors laugh perversely “just look at the poor” !!!!

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t,

clowns to left of me jokers to the right

will there be one fuck given on TV tonight

The self serving elitist news moguls buy politicians, they tap dead peoples phones, they feed out fear, panic and lies all the while it’s printing gold…

Banks buy themselves, gain extortionate bonus packages then when it all falls through are given the tax from you and I to keep them from going cold……

Damned if we do. damned if we don’t

The Tory government buys itself town by town into power, seat by deceit, cut every public service you can name, tax the pasty, tax your caravan, granny tax, blame the disabled and poor, instigate austerity “this will work” we are told by the fraudulent unelected shower.

Damned if we do, damned if we don’t

No matter the outcome tonight we’ll still be divided, perplexed, vexed, frustrated, angered, frenzied and maybe ready to fight a neighbour or more . This is the divided working class ruled. I feel no matter how we vote we’re damned if we do , damned if we don’t… the tory scum and news moguls don’t like a union.

My song “No worries”

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