What my partner says:

Craig has been drumming for 40 years, he is a trained community artist and has teaching accreditation from Manchester Metropolitan University. He has extensive experience in teaching drumming to individuals, and within a range of group settings and community groups. He brings a great warmth and charisma to his teaching style, and has shown himself to be really supportive towards any student who may need a little extra help and attention.
He has also been teaching at One World festival for the last 17 years, leading 6-day drumming workshops and culminating in an end of festival performance. These workshop sessions have often been attended by beginners (including myself this summer 2017!), and have received such positive feedback in terms of being enjoyable, bringing a sense of relaxation, feelings of inspiration, sense of achievement and a sense of belonging from this group experience, as well as potential opportunities for future personal development and personal interests.

Singer, author, motivational director, drummer, bandleader, drum teacher, guitar, loops, sound healing journeys.

World wide comprehensive public liability insurance through the Musicians union No.452141 and further public liability with Westminster for sound healing/therapies.

Sound healing journey;

Manchester Met. University trained coach and community artist bringing you a unique style of motivational teaching gained from 2 years intensive teacher/coach training. I use these methods of motivational coaching on an individual or group basis to push people’s boundaries in discovering their own potential.

Trained as a drum kit player 15yrs. I  toured and released vinyl playing drum kit with bands such as “The Black and white lovers”, “The Desert Wolves”, “Too much Texas” and  “Trap”. Treedrum and the Manc