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Last's years Do I.T. course at CAN

Last year’s Do I.T. course at CAN

Duct Tape University is an exciting summer school which aims to equip participants skills to teach or share skills on digital storytelling. Digital storytelling is about telling stories about ourselves, our work, communities and the issues we care about through social media, blogging, audio and video. The idea is that we do 2 main things.

  1. take part in some fun workshops on digital storytelling
  2. help create and test a website for learning resources and teaching practices.

It is ideal for people who want to learn new skills as well as those who want to develop their existing skills and pass them on to others.

As part of the workshops you’ll make decisions about how the learning website will work through collaborative design. At the end, when the website is created, we’ll test it to make it better too.

The course runs on 3 Wednesdays inĀ  August and September from 10.30 – 3.00 pm.

The dates are 20th and 27th August and 3rd September. You will ideally need to be free for most of the session dates.

The resulting online-learning site will be open to all at and will be used for CAN’s artists DO I.T. course.

Participants will need to be be able to have working knowledge of spoken and written English and basic computer skills. There is a small budget to cover travel expenses and lunch costs. If you are interested in participating please tell us why in a short email.

Please email Hilary and Mick on to apply.