Duct Tape University project for Do IT artists

Do IT, is a training course run by Community Arts North West for artists to help them use low cost technology to spread the word about their work and learn digital production skills. Following success of last year, the good news is Do IT course – will happen this year too, watch for more details.

We have come up with a great programme to help artists, small business and people active in communities to pick up new skills in getting their message across with social media and media production. And here’s a project to help spread the word – Duct Tape University.

We need your help to make it happen! Please vote for it here.

duck_xThe ideas is to put all of the resources, activities and tools in one place. All of these resources will have an open licence so that they can be used and adapted by other trainers.

Why Vote for the Project?

Here are some good reasons to vote for the project:

The project will create a simple to use, attractive website which will showcase the high quality training documents, lesson plans and learning activities. CAN training participants will be able to download these materials for free. It will be a great resource for CAN artists to use when planning their own workshops in the area of digital art and using the web for communication. We will use all of our skills and experience to make the website as easy to use as possible to find the resources you need.

About Do IT

Here’s some info about Artists Do IT programme.


56230236_640How you can help

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Email some people about it. You can copy and paste this page into an email and send it on to some people that you think appreciate this project.