The year of 2017

It was a very productive 2017 for me with lots of trips and new experiences, meeting more amazing people and creating more artistic works.

I have worked with such wonderful people with CAN team and also all of the Artists and teams I worked in different projects, such as the wonderful Jerwood Creative Fellows and the Talent Development team at MIF.

Getting the opportunity to travel to different countries this year was also another amazing experience I added to my journey this year.

I also get to know more about artists I knew for years and when you get to know them it will help you to see more of their talent and get inspired and one of them of course is my husband Mohammad which we wrote our piece for ‘Flying carpets’ together.

Here is the list of my works to remember this year:

  • Being the Digital Artist for Youth Art Programme 2016-17 with 2 performances in Leigh ‘Wizard of Leigh’ and Alice in Leigh’ by wonderful kamosi and ‘Snow Dragons’ as part Youth National Theatre at HOME by our CAN Young Artists
    ‘The Snow Dragons’
  • Digital Artist and Digital producer for ‘Outside the Frame Arts’ new arts collective based in Manchester that aims to raise the profile of underrepresented and marginalised communities by giving a platform to those absent from the mainstream and using the arts to challenge the status quo.
    Plat form for Palestinian Arts by ‘Outside The Frame Arts’
  • Receiving the Jerwood Creative Fellowship at Manchester International Festival
  • Digital Artist and Animator for International Women’s Day 2017 at Pankhurst Centre
    Pankhurst Centre Animation Workshop
  • Digital Artist for the co-creation documentary ‘Bright As The Moon’ working with Netherlands as part of European Cultural Foundation for TANDEM project
    ‘Bright As The Moon’
  • Digital Artist and Film Maker for the panel of ‘Migration and Health’ webinars by World Health Organisation at United Nation City in Copenhagen
  • Writer and Director of ‘Dance The Lash’ as part of Flying carpets performance at Manchester Museum as part of Journeys Festival international 2017
    Flying Carpets
  • Receiving the Digital Commission ‘Bringing Poetry into Code Generation’ by Commonword
  • Leading the first taster of Artists HUB in Contact theatre as part of Journeys Festival international 2017
    Artist HUB
  • Presenting our TANDEM documentary and Artist HUB at Platfroma 2017 in Newcastle.
  • Presenting my artistic work and Show and Tell at HOME
  • Creating and leading the DIPACT project to start its planning and creating the team of diverse artist from Manchester to produce a performance on Japan Day 2018 by an innovative new co-creation process, more news coming in 2018

I don’t know if I left anything but YUP it was a super duper productive year and it’s great to look back at the year and appreciate all these works and looking forward to the new year.

I know it feels weird but I still think I have not started yet and what I have done was all practice and experience to take bigger steps.