Yurt, Krin and sign-age.

Yurt, Krin and sign-age.

2016 Festivals

Looks like this.

Landed festival – Volunteer. In the middle of Wales near Brecon Beacons

Acoustic festival of Britain – 3rd – 5th June – Volunteer drumming facilitator. On Uttoxeter racecourse you’ll see some great acts here with three live stages.

Earth Spirit festival – 10th -12th June – Volunteer drumming facilitator

Drum camp 7th -10th July  Just went as a punter to learn from the masters and assist in teaching playing the kenkeny for Guinean master Iya Sako

Audio farm Festival 24th -26th july – Volunteer drumming facilitator

One world festival 1st – 7th August – Volunteer drumming facilitator/family holiday

http://www.tribeofdoris.co.uk/ All things drumming and dance I will be here to learn.

Earth Spirit II 19th – 22nd August – Volunteer drumming facilitator


2015 Looked like this

Next up is Acoustic festival of Great Britain to give it it’s full title. I’ll be there from Thursday 18th June 2015 followed two weeks later for my virgin bash at Blissfields working under and with Angel gardens http://www.angelgardens.org/ and co. from Pontifract. Later in the year in August I’ll be at One world festival Bryemore academy boarding school, Somerset (more of a camp) for ten days this being my 15th aniversary year but it will be my first without my kids. They’re all going on holiday grandparents to luxury in Croatia.

Available for outdoor events festivals  we cover the British isles. Wales the Trip festival, Scotland the Wickerman, Knockengorrach, Scotland, England One world festival, Beat herder, Bearded Theory, Off grid Sunrise, Blissfields, Acoustic festival of Great Britain too many. We build a scene to suit your event with drumming,.


Festivals past and present we have facilitated. Click on a festival image to be taken there but be sure  to come back here soon.


One world summer camp


Sunrise off grid



Alchemy festival