Is your mind a racing car thundering through streets not sure of which turn to take. Take yourself out of the busyness of your day and transport your mind and body to a different world helped by the sounds and rhythms of the gongs.  Through consultations with me, we will build a mutual trust where we can formulate the perfect journey to help your mind and body relax. Find inner peace, make daily tasks manageable, be more compassionate in relationships. This isn’t a “new age” phenomenon but rather a two thousand year old practice that utilizes wave forms and frequencies that can temper physical, emotional and behavioral problems.

To qualify as a gong and sound healing therapist I have been training with Martyn Cawthorne and the Northern School of Sound-smiths with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and insured through Westminster to practice. I take great pride in bringing my wealth of experience with compassion to each and every session I lead. Whether it is a one to one or group session, I will take my lead from you and the atmosphere in the room that participants bring with them to take you on a journey that will bring inner calm and rejuvenate energy levels.

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Comments on the sound journey:

“I didn’t know where I was, who I was or what I was doing but I felt safe, content and energised.
The sound journey was amazing, my whole body tingled and could feel the sound moving through it.
The sound took over me and I felt part of it. I felt disembodied – my arms floated off in the sound”.

“After the session ended I felt extremely relaxed and emotionally grounded and had the best nights slept for a long time.
This feeling of grounding has been persistent since the session and helped me make more informed logical decisions rather than feeling overwhelmed emotional and sometimes lost.
I would highly recommend anyone trying this experience.”

“Hi Craig, great meeting you too! I felt great, I had a bit of a strange experience in that I’d been getting a bit of a nagging earache for a few weeks prior to seeing you, then later that night it got really intense & then it’s disappeared & hasn’t returned!”

What drumming students say..

My name is Craig Winterburn, I went to Manchester Met. Uni.1994 studying arts in the community and I have been practicing community artist and teacher ever since. Constantly updating my skills and credentials through organisations such as CAN (community arts northwest) Panda arts and Union street media and lately with Northern school of sound-smiths. A musician and community artist working in and around Manchester, I am also an accomplished Samba, African and contemporary drum-kit drummer.

With more than 20 years of teaching experience I have previously been involved in delivering drumming workshops at many festivals, and to numerous community groups, including those communities at risk of isolation. I am also a multi instrumentalist that incorporates singing, guitar, harmonicas, composing with all these tools, an all round sound traveler.

  • West african drumming workshops
  • Mindfullness, Rhythms and sounds – Led by Natalie Hewett a journey in awareness for the workplace. 
  • Sound therapy/gong baths
  • Drum skinning, maintenance and repairs.
  • Private tuition

Public liability and insurance

Holistic practicioners insurance.. westminster ins doc

Musicians Union insurance..

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