My name is Craig Winterburn, I went to Manchester Met. Uni.1994 studying arts in the community and I have been practicing as coach and teacher ever since. A musician and community artist working in and around Manchester, I am also an accomplished Samba, African and contemporary drummer.

With more than 20 years of teaching experience I have previously been involved in delivering drumming workshops at many festivals, and to numerous community groups, including those communities at risk of isolation. I am also a multi instrumentalist that incorporates singing, guitar, harmonicas, composing with all these tools, an all round sound traveler.

Now working with the gongs and sound healing journeys I have been training with Martyn Cawthorne and the northern school of sound-smiths and the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine and insured through Westminster to practice. I take great pride in bringing my wealth of experience with compassion to each and every session I lead.

  • West african drumming workshops
  • Mindfullness, Rhythms and sounds
  • Freestyle open drumming circles
  • Sound therapy/gong baths
  • Drum skinning, maintenance and repairs.
  • Private tuition
  • Consultation from maintenance to tuition

Public liability and insurance

Holistic practicioners insurance.. westminster ins doc

Musicians Union insurance..

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