BIG Announcement

I started 2017 with such amazing news.

I had meetings for my Innovative Digital Performance Idea and all has been hugely successful in January and February (basically up until now) I can see the foundation of my idea which is my experiences in the world of Digital, Media and also theatre.

The more big news is that I got Jerwood Creative Fellowship to work with Manchester International Festival @mifestival and also I am the Digital Artist for #TANDEMeurope this year, with my wonderful manager Sara Domville, working with Community Arts North West (CAN) and ‘Stichting de Vrolijkheid’ in #Amsterdam . I am looking forward to do amazing #Art projects in 2017.

I will be updating soon because I have my editing for the exciting Outside The Frame Arts Event 11th of March.

All great, exciting and productive stuff  🙂

P.S. New update:

I am proud to be working with Women’s Aid and Pankhurst Centre for the second year for International Women’s Day 2017, doing an animation workshop to send our message in IWD #BeBoldForChange .

it’s more than 6 years for me working also with women with different backgrounds to make art and sending our message to the world that women should never be treated any differently because they are women especially in the countries that women are treated second level citizens and have no rights and treated as a sex stuff to produce kids … It’s more than 5 years of starting Freedom Bird blog which got continued when I started more projects with women like Rule 35 at CAN and the working and producing videos and art works by women to send our message.

Also I am proud to work with women who are suffering any other situations and it made them vulnerable in different organisation in Manchester and Greater Manchester and they need get their voice out there.

More great news to be continued …


My Recent Art Works

So basically life been fantastically productive for me after finishing Youth Art programme 2015-16 in March.

25529991884_1da7b2d2ea_o (1)

I have started ‘Hidden Tales, From The Rochdale Underground’ project as the Digital Artist/Animator, which is an 18 month project to give expression to the unique wit and profound narrative of the Petrus service users and volunteers, by creating Digital stories such as short films, animation, poetry films and etc.

I have produced few animations and my main work was No Mean Feet which is a Motion Graphic Photography video based on an amazing poem by one of the service users of Petrus which is also the photographer of the images in the video. We had an amazing event 20th October at Touch Stones Arts and Heritage Centre with nearly 90 audiences and we received such powerful and positive feedback.

14708283_1071344692985187_3294945086740621813_n (1)

I have also continued working on creating documentaries on Homeless issue in Manchester which is getting worst and I worked with Mancunian Way amazing project “Change 4 Good” and I have produced Change 4 Good Project video and we are continuing our work and research to stop the homelessness in Manchester.

By continuing my work as Digital Marketing Admin, Digital Artist and Media Content Producer for CAN, I have met with 2 big and well known Artists from my country Iran which are living in Manchester, to bring them back to the Art world in the UK.

I have also worked with Contact Theatre and Z-Arts to produce Testimony video for an interactive show By Darren Pritchard, staring Yvonne Shelton.

I have also got published in Elevator fiction book by Common word as one of their BAME writers which was an other fantastic achievement for me.


By working on so many Digital and Media works, I have been invited to Rethink Digital Conference this year at HOME MCR to look at what is next as Digital for Manchester which is expecting to be a Digital City in the UK.


Continuing my visual Research on Far East of Asia mainly Japanese Mythology after massive succes on ‘Amaterasu, Goddess of The Sun’ project 2014-15, I have developed some more ideas and we agreed on doing a Digital Innovative Performance for Japan Day 2018 which she said Japan society of North West (JSNW) is so excited about and they would love to make it happen and they ask me to be in charge. I have discussed it with CAN and HOME MCR I have been accepted to do two Directing Course with HOME with 9 other Artists to start Directing Theatre. It was such an amazing opportunity for me at the same time starting the Digital Innovative project with JSNW and also my background in Iran as a Theatre Director, worked together for me to make the best of these two courses.

In my first course  I have worked with with Walter Meierjohann (Artistic Director of HOME), John McGrath (MIF), Richard Gregory (Quarantine Theatre), JMK Trust and Zoonation.

The second course was with Lily Sykes as part of Berlin Now festival looking at Germany Theatre and the directing style form there which was really amazing and different and I have learned a lot. It made me to look at Germany expressionists style mainly inset design and looking at different styles in directing and producing a theatre piece.

I am doing more planning for the end of this year to start this Digital Innovative Project for 2017-18 which is so exciting for me working with also some Japanese companies and Artists.

The project ‘Outside The Frame Arts’ which is collaborating BAME Artists in Manchester & Palestinian writers to deliver series of writing & theatre workshops, and I am the Digital Artist and Digital Producer for this project, got funded by Arts Council and we finally started which is an incredible news.

I am currently excited to working with Youth Art Programme 2016-17, again as the Digital Media Content Producer for the third year and continuing my work as the Digital Marketing Admin and Digital Artist/Producer specially for a new Digital Innovative Project.

WOW! it’s been such a fantastic year for me and I know it’s a bit soon to say but we are already in November and I look forward to 2017 and creating and producing more Arts works.


My new poem “Confessa In The Present”


This is my new poem for my sessions at the Common Word.

I have to add the sessions from last year been amazing for me and I performed two times and now I am going through bringing my “Inside Persian Poetry” out to English as a Persian girl  🙂  I am getting there #Feeling Productive Also check the P.S at the end

Confessa In The Present       by Mahboobeh Rajabi

Scene 1:  Confessa In …

Just under the neck
going through the middle of my body
Where it’s called “chest”
Is heavy …

Is so heavy that’s like someone put a heavy rock on it
I can still breathe, but it’s heavy
I punch it while I inhale and exhale deeply
But it’s not working
I close my eyes for just listening to my body and my breathing

My chest is going up, inhaling the universe of thoughts
The plan is to exhale the “Nothing”
And just the thought of breathing

Inhale …. Deeply … Stop …

Stop …
How can I destroy a universe?
I never learned that
The Big Bang didn’t end yet

So how can I expect myself to end it?

My chest is heavy

Full of universes that couldn’t get destroy by exhale

I just need to confess it

And the thought of Confessa and it’s melody

Dragging my soul to the galaxy of broken but healed hearts

My pen is is like an ocean now

Each wave is a word, same time of my breathing
It lands the words on the sands:

I, whom has her name, carved in the stone of Love
Made the sky roar
when that question from the winds
stays with no answer

I teared that way of the oxygen
that made my heart beat
I listened to all person’s words
My heart was just beating
I teared it from what was the Hard Air
My heart was just beating
I teared from those capillaries of quiet

The sky roared in my throat
the clouds rained on my reaped chest
It washed the blood and clots of death
Then I put my heart back to my chest
deep breath finally heard
my beatings

The love is pouring from the sound of the lenses of the camera of the Earth
I submit all the timeless moments full of new existence feelings
and being submitted on this earth
my name was at the top
it was timeless and free

Scene 2:  The Present

The owth to that look,

Staring to the paralyzed far

That tied up to the part part of the soul

To the melody of time and trauma

Every note has a saying

From a love story

The word from the past, incredible memories

Or a paralyzed trauma

From nowhere of drama

I crossed the time

The sky got happy

Universe crossed my soul

The galaxy became a memory

The names began

The words woke up

A journey started

A quiet and far journey

A backpack full of questions

A spite from the past

And a cup of missing feelings and pains

But this journey started

Even though my backpack

Got heavy with pain

I continued the way

Whatever from the capacity of an intense past

My shoulders cried

I continued the way

But got in my way

My full backpack

As the time got heavier

The body got slower

Again had to stop and think

Make a decision, from the beginning

Sometimes at the climax of tolerance

It’s like you were just rounding around yourself

All the way through …

It was hard … It was hard

I asked myself

Where am I in the story?

Where is this part of the drama?

Full of pain …

With “ A 100 No Answer Questions”

With a backpack drawn on to my life stories

With a glance on my backpack

My shoulder couldn’t bare

I felt on my knees

In the climax of pain

I put on the ground

My full backpack

Whatever was the way

Became easier to take

Till today

I didn’t take

Any backpack

For no reason …

I continued the way … the drama … the trauma

I continued


P.S  The life had been busy but exciting and productive. I will start my Digital and Animation workshops in Rochdale this week that I am looking forward to and I am also going through sorting out some unfair matters which is hard but I believe it’s making me stronger to learn my lessons and fight more and the biggest lesson is that you will help the people in your position and going through similar situation.

“Life is a fighting for a better me and making me feel better by understanding helping people in the similar fight.”  Quote from me today #AllCopyRightsReserved  🙂


My New Promo Video for CAN Young Artists #CYA


I want to proudly present my new promo video for “What’s Done Is Done” performance that been created by CAN Young Artists as part of world stage.

The project started in partnership with HOME MCR and it will be on 19th of March at HOME.

I also created the 3D logo and 3D motion video work that I am really proud and I would definitely continue to add Motion Graphic to my videos and of course more 3D experience in my animation works.

It was a fantastic experience working with these young talented Artists as I knew a few of them from 2 years a go and it was amazing to see them grow and shine.

Documenting the sessions and seeing all the improvements and the process even gave me more courage to work more on creating best visual productions to release and let Manchester and UK know such powerful projects is happening and I am honoured to be a part of it.

As always Community Arts North West created a magnificent piece of ART plus giving opportunity to young people to find their skills and use them in professional way.

Please have a look at the video and share  🙂



Second Documentary & New Animation


Second Documentary

Helllow universe

I finally finished the second documentary with my good friend and writer Marcela Hervia about the homeless issue in Manchester. (About 3 weeks a go but haven’t got time to blog!) When me and Marcela finished the first video it wasn’t any news about any good shelter for them but now there are news that empty buildings will be open for them so hopefully the promises are genuine and we won’t see anyone sleeping rough in this cold winter.

The main thing for me that kept me thinking A LOT is seeing young people on the streets that is not good for the future of a city because those young people are the future. In any situation they need help and direction and I hope they will be taken seriously to be out of the streets and get their lives back.

I don’t know why being homeless became a badge and the forever dark at the end of the tunnel when as a human we know life has ups and downs and everybody deserve help and chances to live as long as they are breathing.

I will write about it soon but … yeah … it just broke my heart watching people living in the streets in the Manchester and as it gets worst from more than 5 years a go till now.

I also made a short comedy animation from one of my short pieces at Commonword Identity writing workshop.

It will be screened at CAN‘s “Community Spirit” event at Mad lab and in Filmonik at old corner house (MMU) and I will upload in youtube soon.

I just invite everyone to watch my documentary just below and let’s not think about the BUSY schedule before Christmas and … yeah I’m fine and I will write about it soon.

Video Showreel & one in a festival


Hello universe 🙂

My short documentary that I made with my friend Marcela Hervia is showing in Kino Festival in Manchester that feels great. (Wed 28th at Three Minutes Theatre 7 p.m)

I would like to raise the awareness by showing to more people and it’s just the start to hopefully end the homelessness in Manchester by looking after them and helping them. I will write about it more after the festival.

And also I made a showreel from my video works from 2011 till now that is available in the link below:

My Video Showreel from 2011-15

A Few Questions, My New Short Film about homeless issue in Manchester


It was 3 weeks a go that an image the same as this image at the top hit me badly. It was early in the morning and as usual I was sitting at the second floor of the bus, listening to music, looking at outside.

The junction where it goes to Portland Street a tall man was sleeping beside the wall and the people were passing by with their coffee in hands looking great to go to work and like they are not seeing anything. It hurt … It hurt my heart … As bad as I wanted to scream.

I wanted to scream that “People this is a first world class country. I did not grew up here so I totally understand a differentiation between a situation in a developing country when they don’t care in a obvious way and a first world country where shout about how Human rights are important. I understand it because I lived it so this image is not acceptable for me. In here, Manchester, United Kingdom and mainly because this city and as a resident is important to me to have the image it deserve.”

That image did not leave me and it gets worst when the more asked me if I have any cash. I had rough times in my life too and I knew sometimes you caught in a position that you need help.

So finally last week with the help of my good friend Marcela Hervia we made a short film about the homeless issue in Manchester that is getting worse with the main mission to wake people up. So please watch and Share:

And Autumn Time


Hello Universe!

Autumn time is near and pretty much change in my life plan.

As far as I expected my summer to be good and getting ready to go to uni, Student loan giving me a hard time, first by approving and then reducing by assessing me wrong when I never had any student loan, then when I try to explain the situation it got to zero. YUP that easy …

And now the university is going to start in a few days and this is all about money …

This is sad that you got your place at being successful but because you are poor you need the student loan because it’s so expensive and even though you are entitle you get it, you got assessed wrong because you grew up in an other country …?!!! and the law shows you can get it but after trying to explain they decide to not giving it to you till the rest of your life! …

Seriously I just really want to tell my story to show what i went through in just two month

I will write about it more … This situation is so unfair and I had a difficult and stressful time … anyway this time shall pass ….

Any way I am happy I still have friends to support me and special ones that does not leave me that I really do appreciate. I will work and save money and will continue my education but I can’t forget about this unfair situation that is just a fundamental misunderstanding and I expected their system to at least understand an other country’s school system … and note assessing wrong when I never had student loan …

Ahhhhh I can write a book about it and in a right  I sure will fully write about it because the only hurtful matter is that it’s just so unfair and I wish in a world of online application I could face to face speak like a human being.

YUP this situation shall pass and as an Artist my job is to transfer this story in an Art work and I will …

My autumn begin with more career ambitions to follow and I am feeling great.

I had a very nice autumn shopping and I want to put all the stress and hard times SFE and SLC caused me in summer to hold and I will start my autumn with my appreciation to God for everything I have now …

I know I was so excited for the uni but the uni will regret not having me because I am on my research, works and successes that got me the place and the fact that I can’t afford uni for now won’t affect my talent or my goals that I set few years a go.

My story will be told and I am looking forward to the new opportunities in beautiful autumn that I am sure is GREAT  🙂

Summer Time Is Near …

japan flowers houses spring season pond japanese gardens streams bushes 1920x1200 wallpaper_wallpaperbeautiful_22

Hello Universe!

Summer is near … 🙂

When sometime has passed is so hard to start to write about what is going on in my life specially when it’s just too much!

The good news is most of it is good news! …. and now I am repeating myself, I meant is good news.

I decided to study animation and starting university again … but with a package of “Directing Theatre” Associate Degree and “Digital Visual Artist” experience.

So all fantastic at the moment.

Still my housing is an issue but now that I know I want to start life at university from September I will live near city centre, by the way I have an appointment tomorrow and I hope I get more settle so I can do better in my job interview!

About job interview, I had one in M&S clothing. They did a role play, 5 minutes to read through 4 pages of foods with ALL details plus three pages of the role when I applied for a clothing store and they ask me to fully serve a customer in 10 minutes !!! And It was my FIRST experience about food???? And I applied for clothing branch …

To be honest I can’t stop thinking about it and I will call them this week to just give them my feed back that how fair is it if I ask them to edit with AE and they have only 10 minutes … how do they will feel and how fair is to ask someone to do the WHOLE job in 10 minutes?!

Let’s end the complaining and looking forward to something that called “Lab Project” and I have to make them understand a roof top of my head is more necessary than doing some self confidence workshop when I am working on a workshop to finish a video?!

YUP mission for tomorrow to getting up early, getting the 11A at 9 a.m towards new places experience …

P.S I can’t think of eating Mc Donald AGAIN but what choice do I have, that’s what I can afford with no job when M&S expect you to serve customer with butternut in their clothing branch and “Lab Project” will listen to you with drama and you think of a roof after years of serving universe … I deserve a roof … universe … don’t you think!

more P.S I did a good planning to what make me happy and hope it works!

women sunset fantasy ocean clouds landscapes trees birds waves ships japanese snakes kimono fantasy_www.wallpapermay.com_69

My official website

Hi Everyone,

Click on the image below and it take you to my official website  🙂


So basically I finished two projects at Community Arts Northwest (CAN) that was one of the greatest experience and opportunities I could have as a Digital Artists/Animator. Beside finishing the production of my first test animation based on my research and Japanese Mythology that was an amazing success for me.

Do I.T. that was a digital media course and “Rule 35” a project and performance based on the detention system in UK specially Yarl’swood.

And both were so successful and made me proud being a part of these great projects and meeting new people and getting more on track in my professional life.

So looking forward to expand my research plus new opportunities and new beginnings universe  😉