It’s been a while!

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Hi guys,

It’s been a while since posted to this site.

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Artists Do IT course – phase one of final project complete

My husband kindly set up the recording equipment for me in the studio and I have spent the day recording and editing the Trout Spout Radio Show.

I found it difficult (naturally) speaking into the mic and it took a quite a few takes but I think the overall result is pretty good considering!

I also took pictures throughout the day so I’ll probably do a Storify about it as part of the final project.

Next phase…editing volume levels and adding my special, secret DJ guest interview.

Please keep following….


Jingle Bells!

A little jingle I did as part of the Community Arts North West Artists Do IT course featuring Jon, Amanda, Trupti & Mahdi


Week 6 Artists Do IT Course

For week  6 we discussed what projects we’d like to do for the rest of our time on the course.  I have decided that I might do a radio show and use the Audacity software.  Lets hope that we have that Masterclass soon! Only 4 more weeks to go!