Bazgasht, meaning return or homecoming: an inspirational journey of self discovery through the eyes of two childhood friends. Revisiting their homeland, the mystical world and richness of Persian culture revitalises their spirits. Influenced by the writings of th Persian Philosopher, Attar, each finds new ways of coping with the difficulties of life as they get to know themselves and understand others. The Launch of Bazgasht included an excerpt in Farsi with a translation in English, along with a screening of ‘The Collections’, a short film by dissident film maker Payman Mandegar.

Bazgasht, is available from the link below برای تهیه کتاب در خارج از ایران به لینک زیر مراجعه فرمایید . برای تهیه کتاب در ایران به انتشارات پاپلی مراجعه فرمایید

،نه در بند توطین م ،و نه در پی توشیح توطئه تندباد عشق ،توکل به سکوت دارم تا آرامش توفانی ساکن در تنگه دل برپا کند ... کاش یک امروز مرا با وقف لحظه ای .دریابی #شهیره توطین = دل بستن توشیح = زینت دادن . . . The silence of your absence is deafening

Under The Shadow


*Under The Shadow

What a fantastic film ‘Under The Shadow’ turned out to be.The film most effective element was in its ability to merge the post revolution turmoil and the horror of war with supernatural elements.

Under The Shadow is selected as the British entry for the Best Foreign Language Film For the 89th Academy Award in 2016.

In the launch mood

Saturday (10th September 2016) is a day which is difficult to forget. It was all about our book launch, #Elavator #Fiction: a collection of micro narratives under 500 words by 30 BAME writers (published by #Commonword, England).
Nothing competes with seeing your own words in print. Thanks to Commonword, Cultureword. Thanks for all the warm messages and to everyone who attended the launch event.
The book costs £5.00 and can be bought from #Commonword.
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شنبه گذشته کتاب “الویتر” که مجموعه ای از داستان های کوتاه (البته با این لفظ ترجمه شده موافق نیستم، فقط چون لغت بهتری را سراغ ندارم از آن استفاده می کنم) رونمایی شد. این مجموعه شامل قطعات “میکرو نرتیو*” (کمتر از 500 کلمه) بود که دو داستان از نوشته های من هم برای این مجموعه انتخاب شده. “الویتر” اولین کتاب رسمی چاپ شده من به زبان انگلیسی  و دومین نمونه ی نوشته ام بعد ازبازگشت می باشد

*Micro narrative

Short fiction


Two of my short stories are published in Elevator Fiction – an anthology featuring flash fiction by 30 BAME writers. Available this September ‪#‎elevatorfiction‬
دو داستان كوتاه از من در اين كتاب چاپ شده. ماه سپتامبر کتاب به بازار میاید. امیدوارم در جشن رونمایی کتاب در 10 سپتامبر در کتابخانه  مرکزی ببینمتان. اطلاعات بیشتر بزودی

Standing in My Own Truth

About two years ago I wrote my first play ‘N+Either‘, it was performed by actors on stage. Watching them giving life to my words was empowering and emotional. I knew then I wanted to write plays. Last year I wrote and performed a monologue ‘life cafe‘ and this year I was involved with yet another theatre project. This time I was one of the lucky 7 co-writers and performers who got to work under the leadership of Rani Moorthy creating ‘Standing in my own truth‘.

The play was organized by CAN’s Refugee and Migrant Women’s Theatre Programme. It was premiered at Arnolfini Theatre in Bristol on Tuesday and is coming to Manchester on Wednesday 22nd June at 7.00 (at Z-Arts).

اولین نمایشنامه ام را حدود دو سال پیش نوشتم. تماشای بازیگرانی که به کلمات من جان می دادند تجربه ای بی نظیر بود. پارسال قطعه ای را به صورت تگ گویی نوشتم و بروی صحنه اجرا کردم. امسال هم در کنار 7 خانم دیگر زیر نظر نمایشنامه نویس و بازیگر مشهور رانی مورثی نمایشی را نوشته و در شهر بریستول بروی صحنه بردیم

چهارشنبه 22 ژوئیه هم این نمایشنامه  در منچستر اجرا خواهد شد، ساعت 7


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Life Café

در محفل تک گویی امشب به دکمه ای افتاده و گوشه ی کیس خورده ی پارچه ی لباسم نمی اندیشم، در حریر، نخ و کاموای کلمات  پیچیده ام. امشب (8 مارس، ساعت 7) در تاتر
Place: The Three Minute Theatre
Time: Today (8th March) at 7pmAfter a few presentations, talks, writing and more writing … comes the day that I wear my words in a form of monologue. On stage alongside other “women in the spotlight, 2016”.
I celebrate the International Women’s day by performing “Life cafe” on stage, hope to see you there.

For more information click here 

Less talk about diet please


Is it me or are we obsessed with diet? From T.V.  to magazine, social media even in discussions with friends and colleagues, a particular diet and its benefits over a different type of diet is investigated, one food is promoted as a ‘super-food’ whereas another one is dragged down as a ‘must to be avoided food’. Even those controversial foods that are supposed to be ‘bad for you’ tend to be named as ‘good food’ by other studies.

OK, I accept it is important to look after your body, be aware of what, when and how much to eat, when to listen to your body and eat and when to ignore its constant nagging for food. But to live just to eat healthy is just as troublesome as overloading yourself with food!

Everything in moderation even diet! or talk about diet!

Gosh! It must be contagious I am going on about diet myself in my blog :))

Writing to Perform

Getting ready for my second theatre experience, which would be in the form of monologue.

“On Tuesday 8th March 2016, Women in the Spotlight will be showcasing their work, in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Women in the Spotlight will each showcase a ten minute sketch or performance poetry set at the Three Minute Theatre. These performances will explore women’s voices: their different experiences, their lives, their thoughts and feelings and their identity as women.”

 برای  دومین تاترم آماده می شوم، این کار به صورت “تک گویی” خواهد بود و خودم هم قرار است که آنرا روی صحنه  اجرا  کنم. تاتر به زبان انگلیسی است و مثل تاتر اولم

ریشه در تجارب زندگی من به عنوان فردی مهاجر دارد و به مناسبت روز جهانی زن در سه شنبه 8 مارس روی صحنه خواهد رفت