Celebrating syria is in Manchester now

Celebrating Syria has come to Manchester.  Although I am a bit late to make this announcement it is not too late as there are 2 days left with a family fun day on Sunday.

The festival is a fortnight of exhibition, films, theatre, live music,
talks by writers, panel discussions and interactive art workshops exploring Syrian arts and culture before and after 2011.

The first of its kind in the UK, this festival is a celebration of a hopeful, inspiring and imaginative face of Syria and the Syrian people and their rich contribution to the collective history of human expression.

All the events are FREE for refugees and asylum seekers and you can tag along with your friends.  The people at the festival are too kind and they won’t ask for your ID’s. 🙂 But it is nice if you can pay for your tickets to support the artists.

I am going to this concert tomorrow and I am excited to see more talented Syrian artists.  I have been to a few events so far and they have been super amazing.

for more information go to their website and also spread the word. https://celebratingsyria.org/