Two tunes for Saturday

I’d like to introduce to you Dominic Galligan a man less than half my age who has been the main musical influence in my life for the past three years. We both suffer from acute anxiety but together we seem to be able to laugh it off in our own very private mental state. Mostly we deduce that it is not us suffering but the rest of humanity in it’s rat race ways.

While we do not profess to being prolific we play guitar, sing together and we have been writing songs for the last year or so. Some of which you will never see as they are too mental and we don’t want to be labeled by anyone other than ourselves. We are quite happy in our mental minds and claim back the word for ourselves “mad”. Having said that Dominic is always trying to get me to sing our song “Crazy nuts” which may well see the light of day in the future.

This first tune – Music by Dominic, words by both of us is a lament to The Gambia a place close to both our hearts where we have lived with struggling families while we learn traditional drumming and songs from west Africa. We have seen first hand the hypocrisy of the state, it’s toubab tourism, lack of infrastructure in real work for the people and the constant meaningless deaths year in year out of people that can’t afford to pay for medication.  If you can’t afford to pay for care make no mistake you are nothing more than someone living on death row. Having said that the people are amongst the happiest, loving, caring folk I have ever come across in my life and we just love spending time with the people there.

While I have mostly come to terms with my psychosis, (at times) self medicating, mentalness I use it to be creative, Dominic being still very young still struggles and has as yet to come to terms with it the same way I have but with my guidance over the last few years he is definitely getting there.

So this is me visiting Dominic on a psycho ward blowing some life back into him in August this year after an episode of doubt.


This next piece we wrote at a festival while the rain poured all around us for 24 hours none stop. It’s the 1st August summer holidays. There are words but for now just enjoy the sentiment. Shout RAIN into the music wherever you like. This video was put together 23rd Sept and we recorded the music through a boss loop station it’s the first time we have played together since that fateful week at One world festival. Peace and love to all and don’t believe the hype.


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