10 week celebratory blog and Ableton live at Band on the wall.


So I never thought it possible or even necessary to give up alcohol at one point but now there is no turning back. The lights have been switched on and I don’t ever wish for them to ever be dimmed again. I have to say a big thank you to my wife Sara Domville who is a big encouragement, nag bag, woman of a thousand analogies and for letting me decorate her house in the first few weeks of abstinence as a focus. Laughs! I would also like to thank my kids Marley and Pip who spotted my temperament had changed even after a couple of weeks without me saying that I had even stopped. They are my initial inspiration as I wanted to be able to have better quality times with them which I can definitely say we are having. A big shout has to go out to my acupuncture team at MMU_IT in Hulme but especially Mihai with whom I think I have formed a very strong bond and hopefully life long relationship with. I better had have after all those pins you’ve stuck me with buddy! I’d also like to say thanks to my facebook family who have also been sending me virtual messages of WP_20151021_001WP_20151007_004encouragement especially in my darkest hours.


I think that’s the thanks done with,, bop me a message if I missed you out and I’ll put you in the edited version.

I’ll start with my Ableton live course at band on the wall as it will be briefest. Our course tutor is Mike Richardson whom I think is an Ableton star in his own right from what I can gather in his lessons. He absolutely whizzes through an hour and a half with a mind full of information (that only 35% of which I come away with) like the world is going to end. Last week in the midi section towards the end I realised he had hypnotized me into a deep coma he was going so fast but I fought it and was Ableton to shake myself out of it although I’m sure he would have noticed.  Very embarrassing! I have however learned enough over the last 3 weeks that I am now up and running and able to make steps into creating backing tracks for one of my songs. I didn’t make it today as it is my week on with the chilblains (kids) and Wednesday morning is my acupuncture treatment day, the timings are all off so I sent in my apologies and blew it out. I hope I haven’t missed too much and that Mike sends me the tutorials I have asked for. I’d recommend any of the courses at Band on the wall though. I have been to several over the years Singing, Samba and now Ableton and never looked back from what I have learned there. If you want to learn from the best I suggest you might want to start here.  WP_20151105_005

All that is ‘Band on the wall’ link

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