Recording career rekindled

So now I have embarked on a new venture, as recording artist. I have been sucked into being a consumerist on the way and will tell you all about my good and bad purchases.

I started recording my own material about 7 years ago with a version of cubase with amazing plugins that a friend installed on a new computer I purchased along with an M-audio oxygen 8 keyboard and Edirol sound interface which were all bought new. With just one day’s instruction i was off and running on my own. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good enough anti-virus installed and I lost the whole studio set-up within a year but not before making some amazing recordings of four of my songs which can be heard on reverbnation and soundcloud. It goes without saying I was very upset about all this but being philosophical I saw it as a sign to be musician man again and concentrated on playing.

I kept the hardware, Oxygen-8 and Edirol with the intention of resuming one day and that day looks to be just round the corner. I have booked myself onto an Ableton live course at the world famous Band on the wall. Yes, I have gone over to the dark side and left cubase after several failed attempts to assimilate the studio setup I had before.

My latest purchases to enable me to follow this path as well as the Band on the wall course are a brand new Lenovo G50 laptop and some nifty Sennheiser Momentum headphones for monitoring. Before buying the Sennheiser  I bought some stupid novel (in my opinion) Sony wireless headphones. They were terrible, loads of white noise/static sound whilst nothing playing through them. Enough to drive me crazy in one night. WP_20151105_001 WP_20151105_002 WP_20151105_003 WP_20151105_004

I took them back from whence they were purchased, splashed the extra £30 and walked away with a far superior (fact) product. What a good consumerist I am!

All that is left is for me to do is to start recording and all you fortunate people will be able hear my dulcet tones on some new songs that will hopefully inspire me to write newer thing’s in the vein of my latest influences such as Bells in the briches, Bells – Helen Riley – has the sweetest and most honest voice I have heard for a long time with cracking songs, Phat bollard, busking on the streets of our towns and cities songs that should be heard, Woody Guthrie’s of our times, Tom Waits LEGEND and Jim Noir psychedelic/garage/pop to name but a few.. WP_20151105_005

Look out world here I come. Peace and love – alcohol free.

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