Two weeks left

As of today we have two more weeks left of the Community Spirit course at Community arts North West in Manchester. We will then be having a massive celebration!

The Websites are coming along and tonight we will be looking at adding extra functionality to them using Plugins and Widgets.


Why should I use Social Media?

As an addition to what we were all talking 10-reasons-social-media-businessabout on Tuesday night I found this infographic (and everyone likes a good graphic) that has some great facts and figures about Social Media.

Its a bit businessy but the the figures are good still!


This is another quick post to test out cropping

This is the original


And this is the cropped version


You will notice however that your ORIGINAL is now cropped so it is probably better to upload a few versions if you are going to use WordPress to crop them.

EVEN BETTER — prepare you images before you upload them!!!

A post with an edited image

This post is to demonstrate the different ways you can edit from with WordPress.



This is my original image







This image has been cropped



PHOTO_20150827_195607_PAST_SHOT_12Now it has been flipped