Question:  Rollercoasters.  When people say a show or film is a Rollercoaster ride, most of the time they mean it’s spills and thrills and chills, but in a superficial, intellectually shallow way.  Lots of plot but no emotionally satisfying story.  Lots of showy tics but no rounded character.

But think about the physical and emotional intensity of riding a real-world rollercoaster.  When you get the chance, you ride it again and again and again.

Why not make theatre like that?  But with content.  Intellectually challenging.  Emotionally intense.  Satisfying story.  Characters so real you know where you’ve met them before. Spills and chills and thrills.  Up close and personal.  Why not?

That’s what I want to share in this blog:   what I’m thinking and doing while I try to make that kind of theatre.

Maybe the only sin in the theatre is to bore people.