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Marek’s 18th Birthday Firework

Yesterday was Marek’s 18th birthday so late at night we set of one of those box fireworks (one that we had had in store for about 3 years unused) so his 18th seem an appropriate time to at last set it of over the hill – but some neighbour’s were not too pleased.

Kinder Scout Walk

Yesterday (sat) I was just so fed up being stuck in Manchester, I took to the hills, via jumping on the train at Piccadilly to EDALE. Went on a 6 hour track up and over Kinder Scout. Great walk – I always enjoy a good walk over Kinder but the last time I went was in October 2012 so thought it was well worth another trip. Here’s a pic and please check the slide show.

View from Kinder Scout

View from Kinder Scout

Decline of Northern Soul

I love all of Pete West’s podcasts of old Wigan Northern tapes but this was the decline in the music for me. I exited the scene in 1981 as there was too much of this modern style of northern for me personally. But some peeps like this. Listen to it here

WIGAN CASINO 1980 – CLASSIC RICHARD SEARLING DJ SPOT by Pete Smith (Mayfairmenthol) on Mixcloud

But here is a much better one. classic Northern.


My mobile internet is so shite most of the time. When my internet speed is between this …

speed test 1 copy

and this…

speed test 2 copy

..what should I do, leave or upgrade to their new faster speed 3.9G??

I keep trying to cancel my contract as its up this month but Three are trying to convince me to take out a new contract for their super 3.9G mobile broadband mifi device which is so superior to my antiquated piece of shite mi-fi device they sold me last upgrade time. So good that I will never want to leave THREE again! They are doing so much to make their customers smile and be so happy that they have spent milions “trying” to improve their network to make it super super fast, the envy of all mobile networks in the UK (note, no reference to “worldwide”). They did their best to convince me I really do need to get their new devise so I can receive their 22m/bs to 50m/bs download speeds to make my internet a far far pleasing experience, and make me enjoy the pleasures of life again and be the envy of all my friends!.

Honest, it’s far far better then my old device that they sold me some 18 months ago that is now absolete (even though they still them on their web site they are really no good and they just put them up there to rip of their customers).

Do I really need this devise.?

Rest of my conversation went something like this: “Please don’t leave us MR W, I’m trying to do everythng we can do to help you,  try our new ultra fast mobile mifi device, better than anything else on the market, you can even hook up 5 other computers in your house and share the speed, its so fast. You won’t be dissapointed Mr W, we guarantee it, and of course you have our 14 day money back guarantee, if it doesn’t work to your satisfaction, you can always send it back, but please believe us, you will not want to, I can promise you that. We will even give it you FREE because we at Three value your loyal customer support that you have been with us for as long as you and we can remember! We love your support and glad that you have been happy with us most of your loyal life (where the fuck do they get than from?), as you have continuelly upgraded your account on so many occassions and now you will want to do so again, especially when you try out our new super fast device for FREE ! Just say the word and it will be in the post tomorrow – you won’t be disspointed!! In fact we will even reduce your monthy amount to £9.99 instead of £10.35 (for 7GB per month of internet) – yes you will receive a full .36p a month discount Mr W – so pleased we can help you to save your well earned money…. that’s 36p extra in your pocket every month, for you to spend to make your life better in “sunny” Manchester!”

Seriously folks, doesn anyone know anything about this new 3.9G mobile broadband and this new mifi device of theirs? For which you can even choose which colour you want!!?? Should I try it for free with assurance I can send it back in 14 days and still cancel my contract?? Or finally say goodbye Three. But what the problem is, what other options are there? Not many!

Wild Swimming

I’m trying out the other page for other stuff, so here I will post miscellaneus stuff – basically anything that turns my fancy or something I done that I wanna show. Like this : Sunday, it was such a nice day we (Jane and I) went up to what is supposedely the hightest beach in England and had a swim in the dissused reservoir, it was really nice, felt so fresh afterwards.

IMG_1339 IMG_1340

Gaddings Dam, Todmorden – disused reservoir at the top of the moor near Walsden / Todmorden. From Lummbutts you go up Lummbutts Road and can park near the Shepherd’s Rest Inn which is a great eating place after a swim. The reservoir is acessed via a pretty steep walk (only about 30 mins) which keeps the numbers down, though the little beach in one corner gets crowded on a nice hot Sunday like last Sunday. It really is a great place to cool off. IT’s said to be the highest beach in England and is owned by a colective of locals keen to keep it open to wild swimming. It’s used regularly for training locals but is a really great place for Wild Swimming. I loved when Jane and I sent there on Sunday. Here’s a couple more pics.

IMG_1343  IMG_1351

Now I wish I knew how to make the photos bigger, if anyone can advise me, leave a message here.