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Monsters ’80s Poster by artist Tom Whalen

A few months back, Tom Whalen (one of Mondo’s favourite artists – especially for his Disney posters) was commissioned by the Poster Buddies & Traders facebook group to produce a limited edition poster for this die-hard group of poster collectors.

It was agreed that the theme of the poster would be Tom’s love of 80s movies combined with monsters, this is the result.  A 7-colour screenprint, 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 126. It’s a beaut.

Monsters '80s, Tom Whalen

Monsters ’80s, Tom Whalen

Mondo’s This Island Earth

Yeah, just scored the new new Mondo print by Francesco Francavilla, “This Island Earth”, the 1955 science fiction classic film directed by Joseph M. Newman. This was produced by Francesco for Mondo’s Universal Monsters series and in my mind is the best in the series. One day I will frame and hang this one without a doubt it’s one of my favourites from the series.

For those unfamiliar with the artists work, famous for his comic book art., you can check out his site here.

This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla

This Island Earth poster by Francesco Francavilla. 24″x36″ thirteen color screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 325. $55

Latest Poster Purchases

Ok, still reeling from my failure of this year’s most wanted poster, Tyler Stout’s Shaun of the Dead, as I failed at the drop and also in Tyler’s Lotto yesterday (where fans have to enter a lottery to be in with a chance of getting to purchase one of Tyler’s copies) I am feeling low this morning and consigned to the fact that I’m going to have to purchase eventualy on the secondary market at 4 times the cost or trade something in my collection.

So, last week managed two other posters which were easy-peasy in comparison. The first one, Mondo’s new poster for Wong Kar Wai’s newest film, “The Grand Master”, which tells the story of the world-famous martial artist Ip Man, who was responsible for the training of Bruce Lee and which will be in our UK Cinemas soon. This beautiful poster was designed by Vania Zouravliov, and was released in two colourways, I got the gold version which had the oriental text rather than the English text. Each version of the screenprint was again 24×36 and had an addition of just 145

The Grand Master, Vania Zouravliov (145) 2013

The Grand Master, Vania Zouravliov (145) 2013

And here is the international trailer for for the film for those interested.

Next up, purchased earlier this week from Spoke Art. Jermaine Rogers – “Godfather II”, 2 color hand printed screen print, signed and numbered by the artist, 23″ x 29″, edition 100 (2013)

This promotional poster was commissioned by the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco to promote a sanctioned 35mm screening of this film at the theatre on Sunday, August 26th 2013. Note: its so good that some places are still keen to show 35mm prints of classics.

The Godfather II, Jermaine Rogers, (100) 2013

The Godfather II, Jermaine Rogers, (100) 2013


Stout Shaun of the Dead

Yesterday I went for Stout’s latest poster over at Mondo, but had no chance – it was quite honestly a blood bath – 1000 copies sold out within minutes. I had it in the cart four times but evertime I went to checkout it said out of stock or sold out. The did a staggered release and it seemed to make it harder to get one, gutted that I had no luck and its now on eBay for four times as much – which I won’t be paying! Here’s a look at the poster “Shaun of the Dead”

Variant version edition of 300.

Variant version edition of 300.

Tyler Stout "Shaun of the Dead, regular edition 710

Tyler Stout “Shaun of the Dead, regular edition 710

Roll on Stout Lotto today…….. will I, won’t I ?

UPDATE: I FAILED at the drop and the Lotto ! but the good news is last week I managed to do a deal with someone to get the variant version – even though it skinned me a bit – so just now waiting for it to arrive. I just need to sell something in my collection now to pay for it.