About Me

Bit of history about me.

I’m known widely in Manchester as Jonkino, and also on Facebook as John Kino. I run Kinofilm Festival aka: Kino Shorts.

You may call me a curator (but I’m not a fan of that word), I prefer short film programmer. I plan and produce short film nights in Manchester at the Three Minute Theatre and at the Black Lion in Salford (which is on the border between Manchester and Salford). I work with filmmakers, helping promote their films and signpost them in the right direction to develop their career.

So what am I doing right now? I’m on the CAN artists “Do It” course hence #artistsdoit and learning more about Social Media tools, such things as developing this blog, learning about Storify, Inkscape, Audio recording, video and editiing. And I hope as my project I will be able to build a decent Word Press site to replace out very basic Kino Blog

This has been our only site for about 2 years and having no fundings I think the only way to get something new done is to do myself as I’m fed up relying on others who continueilly let me down, and I’m really looking forward to do our own site – whether I will be able to or not, time will tell. But if there is one thing that I would like learn to do that’s not on the schedule (course leaders note: its how to do podcasts)..!

So my first task on this Do It course was to launch my own blog. What started out as a one page blog about Poster Art (one of my true passions in life as a collector), has now developed into a lot more, with as you can see, pages for my other interests such as Cinema News, other stuff, Do It course progress and I’m about to add another page for all things Kino.

And here is one of my favourite Mondo prints from this year, which I am just about to aquire through a trade off. Enjoy.

Martin Ansin, Taxi Driver, Edition 405 (2013)

Martin Ansin, Taxi Driver, Edition 405 (2013)

So now here’s a bit more background and history about what I’ve been doing for the last 20 years and I hope you will follow my blog and come visit on a regular basis.

For the last 20 years I have been running Kinofilm, Manchester International Short Film Festival. I founded the organisation Kino Film Club in 1993 as a cult movie club showing cult movies, classic movies and art house world cinema in alternative venues around Manchester. During the first three years we screened films in over 35 different venues, a lot of them no longer exist, being transformed into trendy bars, resataurants or being demolished, redeveloped, or in one case, being blown up by the biggest IRA bomb on UK mainland in Manchester in 1996.

bomb1 bomb2

We established the International Short Film Festival in 1995 and that ran successfully until its 10th anniversary in 2006. After that we lost funding, I was out of a job and Kinofilm festival has been off the scene since with the exception of an 11th edition in 2010, when we managed to scrape together a budget of about £30k to produce our first festival in over 3 years. Since then, there has been no funding available for a film festival I have been keeping Kino going on a voluntary basis only producing regular monthly short film nights in Manchester and Salford. This year too saw the launch of our first Student and Young People Short Film Festival Kino Exposed, completely unfunded and ran exclusively by a small team of volunteers – to which I’m iternallly greatful to be able to produce this event. There were several awards in the festival for the best films (not prizes as such but the new filmmakers gain much recogintion and a framed award certificate showing their achievement.

Kino Exposed copy poster small.

Over the last 10 years, I began to expand my hobby of collecting movie posters, selling much of what I had collected over the previous decade and buying more with the funds raised. I amased a collection of over 250 Polish Film Posters for which I held an exhibition of in 2010 of 60 of the best as part of the 10th Kiinofilm Festival. I raised some funding for the exhibition through the Consulate General of Poland in Manchester and the Polish Cultural Institute so was able to get all the posters in the exhibition framed. You can see details of the exhibition here by scrolling down my facebook Kino Posters page .

dignitaries Polish exh  me, maria and andrezj

Above left image, me on the right with Polish artist Andrezj Klimowski, the Lord Mayor and Mayoress, with other dignitaries at the launch, and right, me, Maria Kelly (exhibition coordinator) and A. Klimowski.

I also repeated the exhibition at the Waterfront, a temporary art space in Morcombe and the Zion Arts Centre, Hulme in 2011 and you can see more details here and pics of the exhibition launch here.

So, two years later, and lauching this blog, and i moved from a passion of collecting vintage movie posters to collecting limited edition artists silk screen prints of Movie Posters. Movie Poster Art has been revitalised by contemporary artists and companies such as Mondo, the boutique collectors arm of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Austin, USA. So check my blog for more details. Remember, this is my first blog, so still learning about WordPress and how to do this so be patient and I will post lots of images of stuff from time to time. Head over to the home page now…