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Spoke Art Release two Dr Strangelove Posters.

Today Spoke Art released two new posters for  Stanley Kubrick’s cult classic Dr Strangelove or: How I learned to Worrying and Love the Bomb. The posters were commissioned by the historic Castro Theatre in San Fransisco (Oh how I wish we had a cinema like this) for a 4k digital  screening of the film. See the full series of limited edition movie posters Spoke Art have  for the Castro here.

The two posters were produced by Tracie Ching and Sam Smith, both 18 x 24″ screenprints produced in editions of 100 (signed and numbered by the artists) and really are great looking posters. Unfortunately I could only afford one of these (the Tracie Ching one), but check out them both below. The Tracie Ching one sold out within 30 minutes but at the time of writing the Sam Smith one is still available.

Dr Strangelove, Tracie Ching

Dr Strangelove, Tracie Ching, 18″ x 24″ screenprint, edition 100


Dr Strangelove, Sam Smith, 18″ X 24′ screenprint, edition 100



Monsters ’80s Poster by artist Tom Whalen

A few months back, Tom Whalen (one of Mondo’s favourite artists – especially for his Disney posters) was commissioned by the Poster Buddies & Traders facebook group to produce a limited edition poster for this die-hard group of poster collectors.

It was agreed that the theme of the poster would be Tom’s love of 80s movies combined with monsters, this is the result.  A 7-colour screenprint, 18″ x 24″ limited edition of 126. It’s a beaut.

Monsters '80s, Tom Whalen

Monsters ’80s, Tom Whalen

Mondo’s This Island Earth

Yeah, just scored the new new Mondo print by Francesco Francavilla, “This Island Earth”, the 1955 science fiction classic film directed by Joseph M. Newman. This was produced by Francesco for Mondo’s Universal Monsters series and in my mind is the best in the series. One day I will frame and hang this one without a doubt it’s one of my favourites from the series.

For those unfamiliar with the artists work, famous for his comic book art., you can check out his site here.

This Island Earth by Francesco Francavilla

This Island Earth poster by Francesco Francavilla. 24″x36″ thirteen color screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 325. $55

Marek’s 18th Birthday Firework

Yesterday was Marek’s 18th birthday so late at night we set of one of those box fireworks (one that we had had in store for about 3 years unused) so his 18th seem an appropriate time to at last set it of over the hill – but some neighbour’s were not too pleased.

Kino’s Aaben Cult Cine Club is back.

Kino’s Aaben Cult Cine Club is back in action next week and has two cult movie screenings as part of the national Scalarama Festival taking place throughout September. The two screenings take place at the Black Lion, Chapel Street, Salford, 5 mins walk from Deansgate.

First up on WED 18th Sept is Jindrich Polák’s pioneering and much-imitated feature is one of the cornerstones of contemporary sci-fi cinema. Adapted from Stanislaw Lem’s 1955 novel The Magellanic Cloud, and predating Gene Rodenberry’s Star Trek and Kubrick’s 2001, Ikarie XB-1’s influence can be seen on both – and on almost every other science-fiction vehicle that followed.

Ikárie XB 1 - 10 (cb)-2 copy
“Remains one of the most original and exciting science fiction films ever made… the film is packed with sublime moments unlike those of any film preceding it. A game-changing film that profoundly influenced the genre and showed that science-fiction movies weren’t only about special effects; they were also high art. Of the hardest and most admirable kind” – Alex Cox

This screening comes courtesy of SECOND RUN DVD. Full details of this event on the event page.

Next up on Sunday 22nd Sept is a fantastic classic horror double bill courtesy of BFI Flipside DVD label to celebrate the release of Flipside’s double-bill release of SLEEPWALKER / THE INSOMNIAC.

Sleepwalker (1984, Saxon Logan, UK, 49mins, colour); When wealthy couple Richard and Angela visit Marion and Alex in their decaying family home, an evening of drunkenness and sexual rivalry turns bloody as the guests fall victim to an unhinged attacker. Featuring a rare performance from director Bill Douglas (Bill Douglas Trilogy, Comrades), and starring Joanna David and Heather Page (both of whom would go on to work with Douglas in Comrades), this outrageous mix of biting satire and stylish horror recalls the work of otherwise unlikely bedfellows, Lindsay Anderson and Dario Argento. The stellar cast also includes Nikolas Grace, and features cameos by Fulton MacKay, Michael Medwin and Raymond Huntley.

Sleepwalker_22Perfectly double-billed with The Insomniac (Rodney Giesler, 1971, 45mins), in which a man experiences a night-time world that is part nightmare, part sexual fantasy.

Full details of this event can be found on the Facebook event page.

Kino Shorts 40

This Wed 11th Sept. Kino present Kino Shorts 40, Manchester and North West Short Film Showcase. The event takes place at the Three Minute Theatre on Oldham Street in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quanter. Great selection of films on offer including Jordan McGibney’s “Richard III: A Memoir of a King’s Love”, and Chris Hughe’s “Making Freinds”.

richard 11 posterFull details of the event here at our Facebook event page.

Kinder Scout Walk

Yesterday (sat) I was just so fed up being stuck in Manchester, I took to the hills, via jumping on the train at Piccadilly to EDALE. Went on a 6 hour track up and over Kinder Scout. Great walk – I always enjoy a good walk over Kinder but the last time I went was in October 2012 so thought it was well worth another trip. Here’s a pic and please check the slide show.

View from Kinder Scout

View from Kinder Scout