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Latest Poster Purchases

Ok, still reeling from my failure of this year’s most wanted poster, Tyler Stout’s Shaun of the Dead, as I failed at the drop and also in Tyler’s Lotto yesterday (where fans have to enter a lottery to be in with a chance of getting to purchase one of Tyler’s copies) I am feeling low this morning and consigned to the fact that I’m going to have to purchase eventualy on the secondary market at 4 times the cost or trade something in my collection.

So, last week managed two other posters which were easy-peasy in comparison. The first one, Mondo’s new poster for Wong Kar Wai’s newest film, “The Grand Master”, which tells the story of the world-famous martial artist Ip Man, who was responsible for the training of Bruce Lee and which will be in our UK Cinemas soon. This beautiful poster was designed by Vania Zouravliov, and was released in two colourways, I got the gold version which had the oriental text rather than the English text. Each version of the screenprint was again 24×36 and had an addition of just 145

The Grand Master, Vania Zouravliov (145) 2013

The Grand Master, Vania Zouravliov (145) 2013

And here is the international trailer for for the film for those interested.

Next up, purchased earlier this week from Spoke Art. Jermaine Rogers – “Godfather II”, 2 color hand printed screen print, signed and numbered by the artist, 23″ x 29″, edition 100 (2013)

This promotional poster was commissioned by the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco to promote a sanctioned 35mm screening of this film at the theatre on Sunday, August 26th 2013. Note: its so good that some places are still keen to show 35mm prints of classics.

The Godfather II, Jermaine Rogers, (100) 2013

The Godfather II, Jermaine Rogers, (100) 2013


Stout Shaun of the Dead

Yesterday I went for Stout’s latest poster over at Mondo, but had no chance – it was quite honestly a blood bath – 1000 copies sold out within minutes. I had it in the cart four times but evertime I went to checkout it said out of stock or sold out. The did a staggered release and it seemed to make it harder to get one, gutted that I had no luck and its now on eBay for four times as much – which I won’t be paying! Here’s a look at the poster “Shaun of the Dead”

Variant version edition of 300.

Variant version edition of 300.

Tyler Stout "Shaun of the Dead, regular edition 710

Tyler Stout “Shaun of the Dead, regular edition 710

Roll on Stout Lotto today…….. will I, won’t I ?

UPDATE: I FAILED at the drop and the Lotto ! but the good news is last week I managed to do a deal with someone to get the variant version – even though it skinned me a bit – so just now waiting for it to arrive. I just need to sell something in my collection now to pay for it.


Do It Wk 7 – In Motion

So today we all talked about our projects and gave an overview of what we wanted to do and discussed resources and support etc. It was a very long session but was interesting to hear what everyone wants to do. After the session a small group of us did a short workshop in sound recording using Audacity – this was very interesting. Here’s a gallery of photos from today’s session (let me know guys from artistsdoit if anyone wants your photo removed).



Kino Shorts

This page is everything about Kino Events.



We are now accepting entries for our Autumn season with a number of Kino Shorts  events sheduled for Sept and Oct. In Sept at the Three Minute Theatre we have two nights in Sepot (3rd and 11th). The first is a focus on Merseyside filmmakers. If you live in Merseyside and have a short film you want to show and can come to the event on 3rd of September, submit your flm to us now. We will also have a bunch of films presented by Merseyside Script Initiiative, focusing on their 0151 concept films of 2m31s durations. They will also presenting a pitch to encourage collaboration between Manchester and Merseyside filmmakers. This is gonna be an exciting event and if you want to be involved, now is the time to submit your flims.

On the 11th Sept at 3MT we are inviting filmmakers from the North/North West to contribute their new films to our first North West showcase of the Autumn.


And in October (16th) we will be back at The Black Lion, Chapel Street, with our 3rd Women in Shorts this year. Women filmmakers, come together for the North West’s premier night focusing on the talents of the region’s female filmmakers.

Kino women

To submit a film to any of these events download the form, and submit your film on DVD asap. Remember you should be able to attend the event to have your film screened so that you can participate in Q&A session after your film. For those based outside the North West we will still consider films if you are able to do a skype interview. Contact me for more info.

Recent Poster Aquisitions

I wanted to show some of my most recent posters I acquired, I’m really pleased with this punch and all are from Mondo, the boutique poster art and gallery in Austin, Texas, USA. Hope you enjoy them.

First up is Gary Pullin’s Vertigo (Eyeball) poster, produced as part of a trio of posters by Mondo to celebrate the master of suspense birthday, Alfred Hitchock. 24″ x 36″ screenprint, edition 240 (2013)

Vertigo - Eyeball (Gary Pullin)

Vertigo – Eyeball (Gary Pullin)

Next up is Guillermo del Toro‘s “The Devil’s Backbone”, by artist Guy Davis for Mondo’s Criterion series. 18 x 24 screen print, edition of 210 (2013)

The Devil's Backbone. (Guy Davis)

The Devil’s Backbone. (Guy Davis)

Next up is two posters by artist Martin Ansin, my second favourite artist after Stout. This month have managed to get Taxi Driver (an ISO of mine since May) and Conan the Barbarian, and the two Elysium posters shown in an earlier post.

Martin Ansin, Taxi Driver,

Martin Ansin’s Conan the Barbarian print for SDCC 2013. One of several posters pre-sold at the event. 24 x 36 screen print, signed and numbered, regular edition of 450 (2013)

Conan the Barbarian, Martin Ansin


Next up is Martin Ansin’s Man of Steel limited edition screen print for Mondo, their first timed release. This is gonna be a wicked print in person . 24 x 36″ (timed edition of 5000+)

Man of Steel, Martin Ansin

Man of Steel, Martin Ansin

Francesco Francavilla’s beautiful poster for THE BLACK BEETLE for Mondo. THE BLACK BEETLE is a crime-fighting, pulp/noir hero created, written and illustrated by Francesco Francavilla for Dark Horse Comics. The regular version of the poster, originally offered at Francesco’s booth at HeroesCon, is an 11-color screen print. 24 x 36, Edition 225, (2013)

The Black Beetle, Franceso Frankoville

The Black Beetle, Franceso Frankoville

This rather unusual and wicked poster for Mondo by Rockin’ Jelly Bean for Mondo’s Aaron-Horkey-curated PT Anderson series. 24″x36″ screen print. Hand numbered. Edition of 335 (2013)

Boogie Nights, Rockin' Jelly Bean.

Boogie Nights, Rockin’ Jelly Bean.

This is the final Ansin for this post, this is a rather superb poster for Iron Man 3. This is the variant edition of 250, (2013)

Iron Man 3, Martin Ansin.

Iron Man 3, Martin Ansin.

Finally for this post, couldn’t not put in a Tyler Stout print, Django Unchained. This came out earlier this year and is a real beauty in person. 24 x 36, screen print for Mondo/alamo screening, hand numbered (not signed), 1st edition of 700 (2013)

Django Unchained, Tyler Stout

Django Unchained, Tyler Stout

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed these fine examples of contempary limited edition poster art.




Kino Shorts 38 gallery (31/07/13)

Here’s some photos from Kino Shorts 38 at Three Minute Theatre, photographs during the Q&A sessions.

Metropolis Screen Print Posters

Over the last year or two there have been quite a few posters produced  for the Fritz Lang 1927 silent classis “Metropolis” by contemporary artists. Some are really great and I wanted to share the images of those added to my collection. If you reading this, hope you enjoy them.

First up is my favourite by Laurent Durieux, produced for Dark Hall Mansion’s seminal film series of screen print posters. This first one (regular) was produced in addition of 200.

"Metropolis", 24" x 36" screen print, Ed 200 (2013), by Laurent Durieux

“Metropolis”, 24″ x 36″ screen print, Ed 200 (2013), by Laurent Durieux

The next was Durieux’s variant of the release, a completely different image, poster size and format and in a limted of just 100.

Metropolis, Alternative Version, Ed 100 (2013), Laurent Durieux

Metropolis, Alternative Version, Ed 100 (2013), Laurent Durieuxf

Next up, by artist Rodolfo Reyes who did three editions, red, silver and gold. Produced for Dark City Gallery. It is a 14″ x 34.5″ Screenprint, I’m just showing here the Red variant.

Metropolis, red Edition 50

Metropolis, red Edition 50, Rudolfo Reyes

Next up is from Poster Collective “Metropolis” by Peter Gutierrez. It is an 18″ x 24″ Screenprint, signed/numbered with 2 versions on Eclipse Black Paper: I am showing here the Gold Metallic Variant Edition of 40.

Metropolis by Peter Gutierrez, gold metalic variant, Ed 40

Metropolis by Peter Gutierrez, gold metalic variant, Ed 40

And here is the most recent which is from artist Kevin Tong, which he produced for SDCC in July, not a screen print, its a 18 x 24 giclee produced in edition of 100.

Metropolis, 18 x 24', edition of 100, Kevin Tong

Metropolis, 18 x 24′, edition of 100, Kevin Tong