Wild Swimming

I’m trying out the other page for other stuff, so here I will post miscellaneus stuff – basically anything that turns my fancy or something I done that I wanna show.¬†Like this : Sunday, it was such a nice day we (Jane and I) went up to what is supposedely the hightest beach in England and had a swim in the dissused reservoir, it was really nice, felt so fresh afterwards.

IMG_1339 IMG_1340

Gaddings Dam, Todmorden – disused reservoir at the top of the moor near Walsden / Todmorden. From Lummbutts you go up Lummbutts Road and can park near the Shepherd’s Rest Inn which is a great eating place after a swim. The reservoir is acessed via a pretty steep walk (only about 30 mins) which keeps the numbers down, though the little beach in one corner gets crowded on a nice hot Sunday like last Sunday. It really is a great place to cool off. IT’s said to be the highest beach in England and is owned by a colective of locals keen to keep it open to wild swimming. It’s used regularly for training locals but is a really great place for Wild Swimming. I loved when Jane and I sent there on Sunday. Here’s a couple more pics.

IMG_1343  IMG_1351

Now I wish I knew how to make the photos bigger, if anyone can advise me, leave a message here.