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Martin Ansin’s Conan the Barbarian

Ok, so today is the on-line pre-sale for a number of Mondo posters for the San Diego Comic Con convention next week. Mondo are releasing a number of posters (about 12 I think), all are going to be quite indemand. The most popular of these are going to be the ones by Martin Ansin and Olly Moss (Moss is doing Sprited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle (both with Japanese text) and I’ll post more about them later.

But first, Martin Ansin. Two years ago Mondo teased teased the world with an Ansin sticker for Conan and ever since rumours have been rife amongst fans that Ansin would be producing a poster for the movie, finally its here. For this year’s SDCC he will release a regular and variant. Now frustringly, you can only buy these if you are lucky enough to go to San Diego (well apart from the fact that tickets sell out a year in advance), but I am the wrong side of the pond so off course won’t be able to go. Mondo are doing a pre-sale release on their site today but you can only buy them if you have a ticket for the SDCC as only you can pick up the poster from Mondo’s stall on the day. I’m luck enough to get a poster buddy who is going to SDCC to get the Moss posters for himself and he’s trying to get the Conan poster for me. Off course, its a big iff, may not strike lucky as these are gonna sell out within minutes of going on the site.

Metropolis - Final Metropolis - Final

Left is the regular which will have an edition of 450 and the variant (right) will have an edition of 225, and its a 24″ x 36″ screen print.

Now just to get the record straight, I’m not really a fan of this movie at all, but I love Ansin’s work so gotta have this print in my collection, so fingers crossed that my buddy is able to score at the on-line pre-sale today. And the bonus is that Mondo are making the artist available at the time of pick up to sign prints so that is gonna be nice.

EDT: 16th July – pleased to report my Poster Buddy managed to grab me one of these (reguiar print above), really pleased that he will be having it signed for me by the artist Martin Ansin at the Comic Con on Friday. Ansin is travelling over from Uruguay to San Diago for the Comic Convention.