Daily Archives: July 10, 2013

Welcome to my Blog

I have been collecting original movie posters for years (well about 10 years or so).

I own posters from all over the world but my passions are Polish and Czech Poster Art.

About three years ago I started to collect limited edition screen printed poster, printed in editions of anything between 50 and 700 for the most popular artists such as American Artist Tyler Stout or British Arts Olly Moss. Posters my most artists released by Mondo sell out within minutes due to fan demand and often change hands on sites such as eBay for at least double the amount of the original release price.

On this blog I would like to share my knowledge and the art that I have collected over the years and also to let you when you too have opportunities to collect the latest In Demand posters.

In addition I may post items of interest about cinema buildings and and architecture as this is another of my main interest and from time to time there will be things I was to share with you out there.