No Refugee in Calais



It has been long time since I updated this blog due to my university assignments  ( I am doing creative writing /MA). However, I have been reading news everyday and there is a lot to talk about. Most importantly, is the Calais refugee camp in france which has  been shut down and hundreds of refugees  were taken  on buses for accommodation centres elsewhere in France and a few of them were brought to the UK.

I was very keen on doing a project about Calais refugees last year, but I was unable to secure financial sources for it and the project remained on paper. I was going to write their stories and record them to be used as fictitious monologues on stage here in the UK.

In videos I watched on the news websites, people were upset because they felt like they were being removed from their home. According to an estimation by aid organisations, the number of people in the camp had reached an all-time high of almost 10,000.

Ten thousands people in cold winter and hot summer lived in tents, with no electricity and drinking water. It sounds almost like living in the war zones.

I hope French new policy allows Jungle refugees to live a decent life in france.



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