The case of Dianne Ngoza


There is a campaign going on in Manchester for Dianne Ngoza, a woman from Congo who is in  danger of being  deported.

I met Dianne last year at Methodist church in Manchester. I was volunteered to work with MSM ( Migrants Supporting Migrants) in a project called ” Migrant Echoes” which was a Media project aimed to strengthen  migrants and ethnic groups. Dianne was one our interviewees.

Dianne has come to England more than 15 years ago on a visa and tried to renew it but  complications encountered in the process and she tried to apply for leave to remain. All her attempt failed and she is now taken to Yarl’s wood to be deported to her home country. I have visited Yarl’s Wood last year and wrote about it on this blog.  It is a terrible place. Detainees do not enjoy fresh air and they have to eat potato everyday.  Yarl’s wood is not providing with adequate food for Dianne’s vegan diet.

On November 16 when Dianne went to Dallas Court to report (there is an obligation for all migrants who do not have status to report weekly, or monthly) she was taken inside by home office officers. They attempt to take her out in a van but people blocked the road, so they turned back. People stood in the rain the whole day so that home office had to negotiate and promise they will take her to Pennine House at Manchester Airport,  they never did. She’s been given removal orders for Wednesday.

Dianne is not a criminal and she does not have to be kept in a horrible place like Yarl’s Wood. I call it refugees Guantanamo.

Please listen to her story and spread the news. We as human beings have a duty to support her and fight for freedom of refugee prisoners.

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