Thankyou Sara and CAN


FactFilms would like to say a big thankyou to Sara Domville and CAN for putting on the Artists Do I.T course over the past 10 weeks. Not only has it been a great journey but also one that will help all the artists who took advantage of what the course had to offer.

Whats on your feet

FactFilms is at the DO i.t training course in Manchester, our assignment today was to take photographs with the theme “What’s on your feet”. We decided to explore whether the shoes a person wore could tell you about the job they did, their age, attitude or even something about their life. Have a look below and decide for yourself.


FactFilms “Recommends” Part 3


Our final recommendation today would be the 1969 Prog-rock classic album “In the court of the King Crimson” by King Crimson. Although Prog-rock is a much mocked genre and rightly so in most cases, King Crimson had the brilliant guitarist Robert Fripp leading them to create wonderful and mystical songs that consume and hypnotize you if you give them a chance.

Have a listen to the full album here and make your own mind up.

FactFilms “Recommends” Part 2


Our second recommendation would “Martin” directed by the legendary George Romero. It’s a film that has a cult following but is still pretty obscure even amongs horror fans. We think it’s a “horror masterpiece” and one of the best vampire related films ever made even though it’s left up to the audiences imagination if the central character is actually a vampire or just suffering from a delusion about being one.

FactFilms “Recommends”


FactFilms will occasionally recommend films, music and books to our readers that they may find worthwhile checking out. We also welcome any recommendations you may have for us.

Our first recommendation is the graphic novel “SANDMAN” by Neil Gaiman, an epic family saga that takes place in the land of dreaming. The novel incorporates striking graphic images and classical storytelling elements of mythology and fantasy to create something unique and special. “Sandman” along with Alan Moore’s “Watchmen” lifted comic books from being seen as merely frivolous entertainment to something more challenging and artistic and is a “must read” to people who like their stories strange and surreal.