This week, we attended a meeting at Z – Arts to discuss the Snow Queen Learning Log project. Every year Z-Arts creates a Christmas show which is brings together local school children and is the basis for a learning journey. This year their show is called Snow Queen which blends live action with film, puppetry and digital storytelling. Our challenge, is to help create a learning log for this event.  The purpose of the meet was to discuss our ideas and plan our next steps, but firstly Paul (Z – Arts Education Officer) set us a creative task to get our thinking caps on!

We were asked to walk around the building and map an art journey, based on the pieces of work we found and we consider as art. This really helped us to think about the process of learning journeys and the importance of creatively tracking thoughts and experiences. Paul then asked us to map this out on paper..

Here is what our students had to say about the project and what they were hoping to get from the experience;

Lauren – I was slightly scared and nervous about what the project was truly about and exactly what it wanted from me, I was expecting to be thrown into the deep end. After the meeting on Tuesday the nerves had gone and I’m super excited about it! I have many skills to co-operate and take part in this project. But I feel as though the project will in rich my experience and skills and build new skills.

Jade – I enjoyed the first session and it made the EdLab project make a bit more sense. Yesterday excited me regarding the project and I can’t wait to bring all of our ideas together. I hope this will give me insight into what another role in the education industry is like and help me grow as a leader.