sonic experiments

Community Event – 27-7-2016 -Noisy Toys Workshop at Brooks Community Learning Festival Tues 26th July

Working in groups we will complete various experiments with sound and electronics, building simple electronic instruments using circuits. Each group is given a Circuit Box, which contains useful bits of junk, salvaged from discarded computers.


We will learn how to easily make mechanical acoustic instruments from this treasure. Making new things out of junk is called ‘Upcycling’. We will experiment with basic components of circuitry and touch on electromagnetism and the workings of speaker drivers and electric motors. The sounds that we produce with our instruments can be changed, and we will explore the sonic possibilities that they offer.

We will, of course, also be testing each other’s noses and feeling 1000 watts of bass vibrations with our fingers.


This workshop is supported by EdLab as part of the 2016 Brooks Community Learning Festival.

To attend go to this link and register – Remember to choose the right day