EdLab Challenge: Support a Young Voices Workshop

Young Voices performances are children’s choir concerts held in MEN Arena for up to 8,000 kids. The organisation sends out the music, CDs and DVDs of dance moves. Over the years the children in the choir have performed with artists such as Alexandra Burke, Joss Stone, and Gary Barlow as well as raising over 1 million pounds for Children’s charities such as CLIC Sargent.


Suzie Goodfellow home educator group convener sets us a challenge:

My plan is to have fortnightly rehearsals for Home Educated children to try to support the process of learning the songs and dance moves at home. I would like support from students in running these sessions. This may involve helping with welcoming and giving out materials to planning warm up activities or taking a lead on rehearsing a particular song.

Home education has grown in popularity in the UK and has prompted a the government to issue guidelines for local authorities and other response suggesting greater regulation. To help provide a wide range of activities for their children many Home Educators work together in loose networks.

Home educators have diverse reasons for their choice but the following educators are of interest:

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Key Partner: Home Educators
Key Words: Home Education, Music, Community building,Community Arts, team spirit, group co-ordination, choirs, coral performance, civic arts

EdLab Spark: Create a non-linear support resource for Sonic Pi coding music software

Sonic Pi is computer software which creates music with simple lines of code. Designed by a ‘live coding’ enthusiast called Sam Aaron with the support of the Rasberry Pi Foundation, this simple but revolutionary approach has created a new way for young and adults alike to learn coding concepts in an extremely engaging (sometimes compulsive way).


In our Funologist experiments with Sonic Pi so far, we have found the most interesting results happen when participants do not have handouts telling them what to do. Providing them with a ‘linear’ hand out often means that those taking part follow the direction given to them rather than being led by their interest.

Conversely, a starting point and some quick references are handy.  As we ask more students to support Sonic Pi workshops, we need a non-linear resource to help the process.

We are very open to different suggestions but as a starting point we are thinking that a large poster with different areas and possibilities could be a good choice. This poster should be visually appealing, encourage experimental play and also be easy to print and to edit.

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Noisy Toys bridge the gap between Computing and Music PGCE Students

The EdLab team brought together the PGCE Students from Music and Computing and the Steve Summers from Noisy Toys explore cross curriculum possibilities and generate new ideas for workshops.

Beyond the uses that the teacher trainees put these ideas to in their future lessons out in schools, we also asked inter-subject groups to work together to plan after school sessions for Year 6 /7.

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EdLab Spark: Mashing up Music, Coding and Physical Computing

The days of Computing and ICT as a subject where students are trapped behind computer screens are gone. There are now many ways to teach computational thinking and coding concepts. One of these ways is through creating music.


The project involves Hive Manchester, students of the Faculty of Education and the music educational project Noisy Toys. We will work together to create different creative educational experiences involving music and technology.

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EdLab Spark: Link Creativity to Digital at Manchester Libraries

Manchester Libraries have an exciting and diverse range of activities that they run for with children, young people and families. They have an open challenge to us to attend and improve some of the activities that they deliver. Some of the events and projects we can get involved with are detailed below.


The library want to get more children, young people and families into the library to use there fabulous facilities. For example, they have an fantastic music section with mixing desks and electronic drum kits. Can you come up with a creative idea to engage these groups which involves some kind of digital element.

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Partner Name: Manchester Libraries –

Keywords: creative, crafts, digital, ipads, coding, art, reading