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EdLab Spark: Contribute to a Hulme Archive

Hulme has gone through many generations of building and demolition. It has been a test bed for innovative urban renewal and environmental approaches. The site of the Birley campus and Brooks building has been a topic of much debate and dreaming over the years.

EdLab has inherited various documents which help to tell some of this story. We invite you to help us to archive them by scanning them and putting them online into the Internet Archive project. Local resident Rob Squires has another challenge for you.


These documents of Hulme’s recent history show a rich picture of what is possible with urban planning, permaculture and the imagination of local residents. How can you bring the documents to life and share the stories behind the plans?

Video of Challenge

Link to video on YouTube

Some information on the specifics of Hulme’s regeneration follows in these links.

More Information:
To get involved in this project, or to work on a challenge which supports the development of this project, contact m.chesterman or edlab

Key Partner: Redbricks residents group
Key Words: Regeneration, Hulme, residents, sustainable development, collaborative design, urban renewal, urban design, homes for change, Birley Fields, consultation, creative consultation