EdLab Spark: Use Drama to Explore Personal and Political Issues

We often explore many of the issues that face us today through research and spoken debate. In a school setting this may involve presentations from teachers, supplementary reading, questions and a short discussion.

Drama games and techniques offer radically different ways to explore contemporary political and personal aspects of our lives.


One challenge of the use of Drama games and the introduction of role play is the negative reaction of participants. Some may feel they are leaving their comfort zone. There are many techniques which take account of these feelings and introduce ways to help everyone be able to communicate in an inclusive way. You can explore warm up games, still image theatre and use of narrator / joker to bring everyone into the story.

For us at EdLab, one particular area of interest is the effect of Digital Technology and new laws on our lives. Should we be able to communicate privately with each other digitally? What is the effect of bulk monitoring of all our communications? Where is the right trade off between safety from domestic attacks and the right to privacy?  

You can explore any issue that you think brings together the personal and political and is of interest to your target audience.

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