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EdLab Spark: Organise a Film screening at the Brooks Building

The challenge to work with staff promote  one off or regular film screenings in the Brook Building. Your key role will be to decide the right films, work out the practicalities and then carry out a plan to promote these free film events to your target audience be it student, staff or local people.

Watching films is a great way to bring different members of the community together and to share ideas and spark positive action.


Showing films brings people together. In Heaton the Savoy Picture House has been transformed from a run down flea pit to a thriving community hub. A recent screening of the film Suffragette saw the place packed out.

A film can be used as the start of a conversation. Community and Art film houses like the  Home and other local Picture Houses bring in the directors and associated groups and individuals to share details of the issues and build connections to social movements.

Movies can inspire you to change the world. Seeing the positive transformations that passionate individuals can create a willingness to work together on a local level.

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Partner Name: Various – Faculty of Education, Brooks Facilities Team, Student Union
Keywords: film screening, community development, arts, civic action, popular education, local forums