EdLab Spark: Paper Craft Circuits: Use Electronics as the Basis of Art

Explore ways in which simple materials such as copper tape and LEDs can be used as materials in the production of art, and develop ways in which this activity can form the basis of educational activity for children, young people and communities more widely. This will include the production of resources that can be used externally, and the development and implementation of pop-up and sustained workshops.


This project work grapples with way in which ‘Art’ and ‘Tech’ are related to each other in the move from ‘STEM’ to ‘STEAM’ subjects. There is a growing body of research which suggests that art (and ‘purpose’ more broadly), adds meaning to abstract STEM learning. In turn, this renders it more accessible and raises the likelihood of successful engagement by learners.

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EdLab Spark: Create Resources to Help Parents Prepare their Children for School

We have teamed up with local primary school Divine Mercy to support them in engaging parents of children in the Early Years Foundation Stage. The school would like students to develop short video style resources to help parents in supporting their preschool and early years children with skills development; especially with literacy and numeracy.


Recent MMU Graduate in Early Years and Childhood Studies, Leanne Clarke, will lead the project. The school are working towards guidelines for child development during this phase laid out by Department for Education in this document:

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EdLab Spark: Mashing up Music, Coding and Physical Computing

The days of Computing and ICT as a subject where students are trapped behind computer screens are gone. There are now many ways to teach computational thinking and coding concepts. One of these ways is through creating music.


The project involves Hive Manchester, students of the Faculty of Education and the music educational project Noisy Toys. We will work together to create different creative educational experiences involving music and technology.

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