EdLab Spark: Support Mixed-Race Primary School Children

Mix-d is an organisation which works with young people who are mixed race to give voice to this underrepresented group. Mix-d have worked with this group over a number of years to hear and understand the perspectives of mixed-race young people, and as a result have created a number of packs to support professionals in working with these young people.


Mix-d have offered to work with EdLab students to create a professionals pack to support primary school teachers working with mixed-race children. This pack would be the first of its kind in the UK, and could help teachers to work with mixed-race children in a positive manner which helps to develop a strong and positive sense of identity.

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To get involved in this project, or to work on a challenge which supports the development of this project, contact or

Key Partner: Mix-d

Key Words: Primary, Race, Mixed-Race, Educational Packs, Identity Formation, Social Enterprise, Social Justice

Educational projects with Refugees and Creative Visualisation workshop

2nd Floor Resource Centre MMU Brooks Building
M15 6GX Manchester
Wednesday, 21 October 2015 from 12:00 to 14:00
Open to all – Please reserve tickets here.

Sara Domville from Community Arts North West will lead this session on Creative Visualisation of Projects.

Sara manages CAN’s digital media programme, developing new and exciting models for working with young people, artists and communities through video, photography, sound, music, animation, digital art and social media.She also worked on the Blaze project which engaged young people from across the North West in an ambitious programme of new work linked to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

We will explore ideas around using low cost technology, crowdsourcing and using creative workshops to creatively visualise the outcomes of community projects.

Open to all – Please reserve tickets here.