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EdLab Spark: Use Drama to Explore Personal and Political Issues

We often explore many of the issues that face us today through research and spoken debate. In a school setting this may involve presentations from teachers, supplementary reading, questions and a short discussion.

Drama games and techniques offer radically different ways to explore contemporary political and personal aspects of our lives.


One challenge of the use of Drama games and the introduction of role play is the negative reaction of participants. Some may feel they are leaving their comfort zone. There are many techniques which take account of these feelings and introduce ways to help everyone be able to communicate in an inclusive way. You can explore warm up games, still image theatre and use of narrator / joker to bring everyone into the story.

For us at EdLab, one particular area of interest is the effect of Digital Technology and new laws on our lives. Should we be able to communicate privately with each other digitally? What is the effect of bulk monitoring of all our communications? Where is the right trade off between safety from domestic attacks and the right to privacy?  

You can explore any issue that you think brings together the personal and political and is of interest to your target audience.

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Manchester Learning Hive – teaching technology in the gaps

There are many ways to learn about technology. We all know about ICT and Computing lessons as schools but what about other ways. Based on feedback from students, we are are very interested in making connections between learning technology to other areas of interest. To do this we are looking for inspiration from the HIVE Learning Networks especially those in New York  and Chicago.

We want you to think of activities that can be a good base for future work for the Hive Network in Manchester. These activities could be driven by any passion. It could be interest in Music, interest in changing the world or making your neighbourhood a better place. It could be putting on a fun event.

Digital technology is now everywhere but we are still all learning to use it to make the world a better, more connected place. The key part of this mission is to engage not only with the digital and technology elements of a project but to bring in civil or human rights issues.

About Hive Learning Networks

The following video best explains how a Hive Network can be useful for a city.

MMU student Thomas Payton-Greene made this video about Everybody Loves Robots MMU/ Manchester Hive project:

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Partner Name: Manchester Hive

Keywords: civic issues, popular education, hive networks, digital rights