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EdLab Challenge: Support a Young Voices Workshop

Young Voices performances are children’s choir concerts held in MEN Arena for up to 8,000 kids. The organisation sends out the music, CDs and DVDs of dance moves. Over the years the children in the choir have performed with artists such as Alexandra Burke, Joss Stone, and Gary Barlow as well as raising over 1 million pounds for Children’s charities such as CLIC Sargent.


Suzie Goodfellow home educator group convener sets us a challenge:

My plan is to have fortnightly rehearsals for Home Educated children to try to support the process of learning the songs and dance moves at home. I would like support from students in running these sessions. This may involve helping with welcoming and giving out materials to planning warm up activities or taking a lead on rehearsing a particular song.

Home education has grown in popularity in the UK and has prompted a the government to issue guidelines for local authorities and other response suggesting greater regulation. To help provide a wide range of activities for their children many Home Educators work together in loose networks.

Home educators have diverse reasons for their choice but the following educators are of interest:

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Key Partner: Home Educators
Key Words: Home Education, Music, Community building,Community Arts, team spirit, group co-ordination, choirs, coral performance, civic arts