Scavengers of Calderdale – Pilot Workshop

As part of a project that came out of an entry in the Calderdale Bootstrap Project, Scavengers of Calderdale is a joint project of Noisy Toys and EdLab MMU.

This opening pilot workshop at the Hackerspace in Hedben Bridge explore the possibilities offered by taking apart electronic waste and / or recycling computers to create Retro Arcade machines.

The “unmaking” of computers and other devices had a  really positive response. Getting CD drive motors working again was a real Frankenstein’s Monster moment (It’s Alive!).

We are going to work on a better link with building arcade consoles. But the ability to use computer insides to decorate the consoles with arcade game characters like PacMan was suggested. That could really work with Laser cut ply wood as a base!

The main attraction of playing the retro games is a good way of getting adults and kids bonding and creating a nice, informal “club” atmosphere as compared to a more formal learning workshop. That definitely has legs!

Photos Below From Doug Wier and Mick Chesterman