EdLab Spark: Open Learning Resource Creation

The internet has sparked an abundance of sharing of resources freely. From primary school teachers, to professors and undergraduate students sharing happens at all levels.

By the end of this project you will have created and shared a learning resource online. MMU tutors can help you with this process.

Creating and sharing a learning resource online can have a number of beneficial effects, especially if you do it as part of a supportive community. It may help someone in your situation to deliver a lesson or workshop. It can also can help focus how you present your work to the world and it may spark interesting feedback or conversations.


Open Educational Resources (OER) is the collective name given to learning materials that are shared in a way that encourages others to reuse and adapt them to new audiences.

One of the most notable examples of an OER is Wikipedia, an encyclopaedia made possible by thousands of voluntary editors world-wide.

OER have been well described by academics and advocates of open learning including David Wiley and Laurence Lessig. Both authors outline the importance of explicitly labelling resources with licences which promote the re-purposing and re-working. They outline the fundamental characteristics of open licences and create frameworks and document case studies to facilitate their uptake.