Part Two – Creative Visualisation Workshop – Exploring ideas

This blog post details some of the processes and outputs from the Creative Spaces workshop with guests Belay from MRSN and Sara from CAN.  In part one of the workshop Manchester Refugee Support Network and Community Arts North West gave us background on creative educational projects with Refugees. We then moved on to the more active and creative part of the session where students generated idea to solve the challenges.

In keeping with the goals of the workshop we worked on a few activities together. The first one was to generate three keywords and a question to give an overview of the background of the challenges from the refugee groups.


A follow up activity asked for ideas in response to the input of the background. What work was already happening and what were new ideas. These were quick activities which invited feedback from Belay and Sara to see if they passed the ‘smell test’ and allowed them to input their experiences.

The final activity was to pick one create a visual representation of what an event that used that idea would look like. Around this picture, participants used a template which were templates for instagram photos. These activity helped us to think about exactly needed to be in place for the events to happen. Where would it be? What are the resources needed? Who needs to be there.

Photogallery of the visualisation part of the workshop