EdLab Spark: One Manchester – Education in Housing Challenges

One Manchester is a housing association that covers parts of South and East Manchester. As well as providing social housing to their customers they also help them with other services including opportunities for learning life skills. Currently these include a job search club, training around service support jobs.

They are interested in learning opportunities that will attract customers who are not pulled in by what they currently offer.

Employment Training 11

One Manchester have a mission to help their customers to get workplace skills but also to lead happier and healthier lives. Can you think of a one off activity, event or workshop to deliver in One Manchester which will attract customers who don’t currently engage with the service.

We like the idea of learning skills in a way builds on in an activity they already do or something they already know. It would be nice to get to the end of a session and say. I bet you didn’t know it but here are all the life and work skills you have just been using.

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Key Partner: One Manchester

Key Words: Housing, IT, confidence, job search, life skills, representing skills, online cvs