Home Educator and EdLab – Starting an informal partnership

We started a new project today around how Home Educators work together with the EdLab project.

The main aim of the meeting from EdLab’s perspective was to work out how we could best work together with Home educators as a project ‘partner’. In this we look to find areas where we can work together to our mutual benefit. This involves a good level of discussion and finding out what the needs are.  

While it was informal we used maps and brainstorming as techniques to provide a written record of the information gathered at the event.

There were some really interesting observations that really helped us to work out where we could explore some interesting areas for partnership.
Some of the clear ways forward were:

  • If students are offering educational opportunities as a way to gain experience Home Educators are happy to promote and bring young people to sessions at partner venues or MMU
  • Certain areas including science and technology could greatly benefit from access to the equipment and expertise at Brooks MMU.
  • There is area to explore to see how some of the educational sessions that EdLab runs could be of use to adult Home Educators.