EdLab Spark: Help the work of Hulme Garden Centre with young people

For 15 years Hulme Community Garden Centre’s vibrant site, incorporating a thriving garden centre and inspiring community gardens has brought the community together through gardening and provided a vital green space to enjoy, relax in, learn from and be part of.


We run a fantastic Toddlers group on Thursday mornings. People tell us that it’s magical.  How can we best capture and share the good things that happen in these sessions so that others can learn from them? You will be able to observe and record these sessions happening by helping out. You can also ask the workshop leader questions after it happens too.

The Garden centre work with a good number of primary schools in the area who come to visit for tours and activities – we also work in schools delivering hands on activities and even designing and installing school gardens…we can provide activities around growing food, biodiversity and bushcraft and there are plenty of curriculum link opportunities. We need your help to expand this service:

How can we best market the fact that we can do work within schools…a case study? Video?

How do we get more schools to visit and present the curriculum links alongside the benefits of simply being outdoors? What is the most effective way of getting our message to the right people in schools and not into the bin!?

We are also asking can we develop learning resources that would make our offer more enticing? Can these be digital and interactive?

One or our most attractive spaces is a light and airy classroom / workshop space. We have a last challenge asking how can we best market our strawbale classroom as a venue for meetings, lessons and teacher training?

If you want to contact the garden centre about room hire please email thetrainer@hulmegardencentre.org.uk

Please fill out the online form here to get involved.