EdLab Student Feedback on Science Poetry

Science Poetry is an EdLab project created by our Science Communication Lecturer Dr Sam Illingworth, and delivered to primary school pupils with EdLab students. The basis of the project is to mix the disciplines of science and poetry to demonstrate their similarities rather than their differences. In this post, our students share their experiences of running the project in order to promote the experience to prospective schools and MMU students.

IMG_0511Emily Harding-Wragg Foundation Student:

“At the start of the experiment I was worried that the pupils would not want to take part in the activity because they didn’t like the sound of doing poetry or science. However once the experiment started they all seemed to want to get involved and enjoyed the poems which Sam had read to them. I didn’t want to make too much mess for the teachers who’s classroom it was but they seemed to be very relaxed about the whole experience and they let us get on with it. Which was nice to know that they felt confident with us doing this experiment with their classroom pupils!”

IMG_0510Shelby Platt Foundation Student:

“As students in a different school we all felt respected by the pupils’ politeness towards us. We had a feeling of being teachers from being called ‘miss’, which felt weird at the time. We also had authority that we haven’t experienced before. “




Ceri Hunter Foundation Student:

“At the start if the session the pupils were resistant to taking part in the session as they didn’t like the idea of science and poetry. Some said it was ‘boring’ but as the session started they all got involved and I think it was helped by the type of poems that were used; they were modern and fun and got the children engaged.”




Sara Myerscough Foundation Student:

“The enthusiasm the children had when it came to reading out their poems was a really exciting experience. We were really impressed with how confident and clever they were, and the poems they produced were brilliant. We also really loved encouraging the shyer pupils to read out their poems as we felt it gave them a confidence boost when they heard how good their work really was.”

Shelby, Sara, Ceri and Emily have also created some online resources for Science Poetry which can be found here: