EdLab launches MMU Funologists

MMU Funologists is a team project involving students and staff from any MMU department who are using ‘serious’ play to help STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) learning happen. We love tinkering, making things and chatting about it. Come and play, seriously!

When we play interesting things happen. Lots of research shows that this is a key way to find out more about the world and solve problems. So if play is so good. Why don’t we do more of it?

  • What Next: Our first event is a Creative Space Seminar with Mark Peace
  • When: Wed 2nd March 11:30-13.00pm – Book here
  • Where: Lecture Space 3 MMU Brooks Building  
  • Why: To have fun, seriously! We will share opportunities for you to get involved in game or making based learning in different settings including primary, secondary, home education and volunteer run youth clubs.

Get Involved:

If you want to get involved please sign up for our starting event here.

You can sign up for our announcement mailing list here.

And you can join our discussion mailing list here. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mmu-funologists-discussion

About the MMU Funologists team:

Funologists is a new project. To start with MMU Staff will create spaces and events for students to input into on various levels. These include:

  • Seminars with exciting projects and individuals
  • Volunteering for fun activities with young people
  • Support to create new activities and learning materials

Staff will then help to mentor some student leaders to take on roles to organise student focused social and activity based events. We’ll then work together to create fun sessions and resources for young people and a  team that can respond to call outs to come and deliver them. As the project progresses we envisage students taking a leading role for the group.

Benefits for Students:

  • A lot of fun working with young people
  • A chance to learn key skills from experts in the field of Funology (aka Tinkering and Making)
  • Great experience for your CV
  • A chance to get paid work delivering sessions if you have helped create activities

Example Project – Manchester Robot Orchestra

We also have a very interesting project which you may want to jump right into. It’s called the Robot Orchestra. It is a part of City of Science. Have a look at some of our photos of a tinkering session with our teacher training students with noisytoys.org here.

One pivotal part is encouraging that people make recycled robots for the orchestra – where possible using redundant tech and recycled parts. Maybe getting inspired by the amazing recycled instruments made by folks in Peru and Mexico. Also key is the idea of manchester as a city of revolutions – from veggies to coops to suffragettes and music.

Example Project – Science and Poetry

Dr Sam Illingworth has been working in partnership with EdLab and students to deliver fun, interactive sessions linking exploratory play, science and poetry.

Example Project – Create and deliver a resources for the Manchester Hive Community

We will work with the Hive Manchester network and Mozilla Foundation to distribute our resources. One example of this is a fun interactive way of learning Javascript via a free online course here.  Quacking Javascript