EdLab has Launched!

So today we launched EdLab, and joined some of our shiny new students with real live educational challenges! The lovely people from Hulme Garden Centre popped across the road, Paul from Z-Arts walked up the street, Liz from Code Club demonstrated some musical bananas and The Hive came down to see what was occurring.

It was great to start learning about what our students are interested in, what their #goodstuff is. Many students were excited about the challenge from Z-Arts to create a learning resource for their Christmas show which will be potentially used by 1700 school pupils. Other challenges which ignited passions were the library project to engage young people and families with John Rylands central library, and the tasks set by Manchester Refugee Support Network.

Whilst over 17 projects have already be proposed to EdLab from outside partners, it was clear that students also had their own ideas and identified some important gaps in what was on offer. Some students were excited to create projects working with disabled young people, and this is a great starting point for developing their own EdLab projects from scratch.

Next Steps…………..

On Wednesday 30th September from 12-1pm we will host our first creative workshop space in the student resource room. During this time we will get to know each other, spark creativity and offer support for starting EdLab projects. The space is open to outside partners and students alike, and we look forward to seeing you all. Come and play, and make your #goodstuff happen!

Videos from the event…………..