Digital Storytelling Workshop at Hulme Community Garden Centre

Hulme Community Garden Centre are legends full stop. But for us at EdLab they provide a rich resource for our students to experience high level community learning right on our doorstep.

This session as designed to give back and a bit involve students in a community targeted workshop on digital skills.


Overview and links to resources (links to come)

The session was divided into three sections. The first was a very informal sharing of our experience of documenting projects we have been involved in the past and getting to know each other.

The second was a more structured sharing of project key stages. This involved some small group work to decide what project we were going to work with and to start to pull out some of the notable incidents and stages of that make up the story of our project. This ended with an activity called Roller Coaster review.

The third was a hands on exploration of using mobile phones, tablets and clip on microphones to make quick informal recordings of project participants.