Part One – Creative Visualisation Workshop – The need to support Refugees in Manchester

Input from the Community Partners

The workshop was started by Belay from Manchester Refugee Support Network who set us some challenges to solve, which would add to the projects they are already doing.

Sara Domville from Community Arts North West then lead activities on Creative Visualisation using the challenges set for us by MRSN. The key question was how can we use those skills to bring innovation to support that existing work?

There are already activities which are co-ordinated by MRSN. We started to explore ideas of how MMU students could add to this.

To let us know more about CAN and their work with refugees Sara shared some of their online work. The website of Exodus the refugee arts project is here. She also drew our attention to the recent Lisapo histories project as a recent use of creative media. It showcases different approaches to visualising your project and it is worth breaking them down into the different parts. So here goes.

Lisapo Blog

Created by Lisapo volunteer media team with lots of interesting written material.


Lisapo on YouTube

Performance with Interviews from Emmanuel.

Short Video Blogs of Workshops created by Volunteer Media Team

Final Lisapo Performance and Lisapo Documentary

Lisapo on Twitter and Facebook

These social media presences were set up and run by Lisapo volunteer media team but not very active now as project over, however you can see the histoty of how we used social media to promote the project and event.