EdLab Spark: Creating ‘Cooler’ teaching resources on Climate


The Carbon Literacy Project is helping by creating a “carbon instinct”, making it routine for all for us to make those everyday changes that minimise the damage, and maximise our opportunity, now and in the future.

Climate Change affects everyone, and although more and more people are now responding, not everyone has yet realised how urgent and important our actions are.

Cooler have developed resources on carbon sustainability to deliver in schools. The target age range is Year 6 and Year 7. At EdLab we look forward to working with Cooler to help deliver these sessions in the new year but there is a more pressing challenge.


Cooler’s Challenge

We want to work together to create a way way of recording and sharing the action that happens as a result of the workshops in schools. What happens when the young people leave the school and go home?

Cooler have already done work with us at the MMU. How can we work together to take the work further to see where the impact of the learning happening in their workshops goes. Will parents share it on social media? Will friends? How can this ripple effect be tracked?

The challenge is open but we imagine that it may involve coming up with social media tactics, an info-app for phones, or other resources.

More Information:

To get involved please contact m.chesterman or edlab@mmu.ac.uk

Partner Name: Cooler C.I.C. http://www.coolerprojects.com/

Keywords: carbon, climate change, cooler, education project, carbon literacy